7 Tips to Ensure Quality Home AC Installation

Installing an air conditioning unit for your home can be a difficult job if you are not an expert. Therefore, the air conditioning installation must be carried out by professionals. The work that is done on the day of the installation lays the foundation for all future uses of the air conditioner. If the installation is compromised in any way, the system may not function optimally.

To make sure your AC runs efficiently and properly for years to come, follow these helpful AC installation tips from a trusted air conditioning service provider.

1. Hire a professional to do the job

The best way to make certain that your AC installation goes smoothly is to hire an expert to do the job. Correct AC installation by an air conditioning company involves knowing the accurate refrigerant levels, correct pressure, proper voltage, secure mounts, etc. It’s not a job you should do on your own, especially if you don’t have the experience and proper tools to ensure everything is right. But you can if you are an HVAC tech. And keep in mind that if you are an HVAC tech then you can try your luck in Texas as TX is a great state for HVAC techs.

Often, when installation is not done properly, technicians are called in to fix the errors at a higher cost compared to what the initial installation would have cost. When you hire a professional, you get a seamless experience and a successful system installation.

However, if you don’t hire one, you run the risk of paying for worthless warranties, recurring future repairs, and even city code violations.

2. Check the service provider’s licenses

If your contractor isn’t licensed, you put your AC installation at risk. Make sure you choose a contractor with proper licensing as well as liability insurance. This way, if the technician happens to damage your property or provide insufficient work, you have every right to take legal action.

3. Avoid subcontractors

Using a subcontractor doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get second-rate service. However, only an AC company that sends its own employees to clients’ houses can truly guarantee service that is first-rate.

You would also be assured that the company will have its own team of experienced and dedicated professionals, all of whom have undergone the necessary background checks before they are allowed to step foot inside a customer’s home.

4. Take advantage of energy savings

Your professional technician can help you take advantage of the energy efficiency rating of your new AC unit.

In general, the two things you should look for are:

Before you buy, ask your technician for their recommendations for energy-saving AC units that are most suitable for your home. Although a more energy-efficient unit may seem pricey at first, the savings you get in the long run will offset this extra cost.

5. Keep your technician informed

If you incorrectly choose an undersized AC system, it will not be able to keep your home cool and will consume a lot of energy in attempting to do so. Likewise, picking a unit that is too big for the space can also cause your system to short-cycle and wear down fast.


Sizing is a crucial part of the installation process. Be sure to hire a technician who takes the time to measure the room and ensure that your AC unit is just the right size.


6. Look for warranties that protect

The warranty of an AC unit acts protects both the contractor and homeowner. However, not all warranties offer comprehensive homeowner coverage. Some AC warranties are designed in a way that they reach expiration before you even start using your system.

If you’d like to get a warranty that provides an effective safety net for your AC, make sure that your warranty covers a minimum of one year.

7. Establish a maintenance schedule

If you want your AC to continue working efficiently for the years to come, you should establish a maintenance schedule as soon as the installation is done. By signing up for a regular maintenance program, your AC can work longer, your monthly bills are kept low, and costly repairs are prevented.

Avoid difficulties down the road

Improper installation is one of the most common air conditioning problems. If you want your AC system to adhere to standards and function properly when summer rolls around, keep the seven tips above in mind. To guarantee your air conditioner’s long, productive lifespan, see to it that installation is done right by an experienced and highly skilled professional.

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  1. As the temperature continues to rise during summer months, having a well-functioning air conditioning system becomes crucial for maintaining a comfortable living environment. The article provides a comprehensive guide on home air conditioning installation, covering everything from selecting the right type of system to finding the right contractor for the job. The tips on selecting an energy-efficient system and ensuring proper insulation are particularly helpful in reducing long-term costs.

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