inverter battery price factors

Inverter Battery Price: 3 Considerations To Make Before Buying

With the summer already on an onslaught making us miserable, frequent power cuts can pile on to that misery. Thus, it makes sense to be prepared for the power cuts that end up making summer even hotter. The best way to do this is to have an inverter at hand. It is important to note that you need a compatible battery to go with that inverter. Without having that battery your inverter will not work. However, with so many types and brands of inverter batteries present, selecting one can be daunting. One of the most critical aspects to focus on while buying is the inverter battery price. The price of an inverter battery varies depending on several key considerations, which you must understand before purchasing one.

Type of Inverter Battery

The inverter battery price firstly depends on the type of battery. There are numerous types of inverter battery to choose from such as flat plate, tubular, and maintenance-free or gel range batteries.

Flat plate batteries are regular inverter batteries that are low cost but require consistent maintenance in the form of frequently topping up the distilled water. A high-quality flat plate battery will set you back by Rs. 11,000 – Rs. 15,000.

Tubular batteries are the latest technology when it comes to inverter batteries and they provide greater longevity, faster charging, better reliability, and require lesser maintenance. These batteries are also suitable for combating longer power cuts. In terms of inverter battery price, these batteries are more expensive than flat plate batteries and can cost between Rs. 13,000 – Rs. 26,000.

Gel batteries are an improvement over regular flooded batteries and they are also known as maintenance-free batteries since distilled water does not have to be filled at regular intervals. Instead, these batteries contain a unique type of electrolyte that does not have to be replenished. These gel batteries offer 20% more power throughout their longer service life. These batteries cost between Rs. 14,999 and Rs. 18,000.

1. The Capacity of the Battery

The capacity of the battery also plays a role in determining the inverter battery price. The capacity of an inverter battery are classified into three categories, namely, 0-150Ah, 150-180Ah, and above 180Ah. The inverter battery price and the capacity of the battery are directly proportionate, i.e. the price of the battery increases with an increase in the capacity. Thus, gauge your battery requirement in terms of the capacity before selecting one, else you might end up spending more.

inverter battery price factors

2. Branded or Local Battery

At times, people opt for the combination of a branded inverter and a local battery. This is because local batteries cost less when compared to branded batteries. However, this is not advisable due to a variety of reasons. Local batteries use poor-quality lead thus take more time to charge and are inefficient.

These batteries are also equipped with substandard battery plates, which results in shorter backups during power failures. Furthermore, local batteries may fail at any period of time and result in explosions if they are not maintained properly.

Hence, it is critical to opt for a branded battery, even if it costs significantly more than a local battery.

Bottom Line

You need to keep the aforementioned price aspects in mind while choosing an inverter battery. These considerations will play an important role in the performance of the battery during frequent and lengthy power cuts.

Therefore, you must purchase batteries from a reputed brand like Luminous, which offers various types of high-quality batteries at the best prices, extensive warranty periods, longer product lifecycle, remarkable power backup and excellent after-sales service.

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