benefits of doggie clothes

Why Your Pet May Need Doggie Clothes

Dogs are simply the most friendly and domesticated animals. They are cuddly, loyal and versatile. They are also easy to care for. Thus the reasons are not far-fetched why humans readily love them. Humans will go to great lengths to ensure they are comfortable and healthy.

People have pets like dogs for a host of reasons. Most are for companionship but they may be useful for security purposes, work and sports. They may also be used for hunting, herding, or as guides.

The purpose they serve is often dependent on their owner as well as the kind of breed that they are. Each breed is ideal for different purposes and may not be suitable for other purposes.

Breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweilers, etc. are suitable for security but may not be ideal as play dogs. Rather breeds like Chihuahua and Pomeranian can suitably serve such a purpose. You can read further on dog roles in the human society here.

Dog owners employ different ways to ensure the wellbeing of their pets. They take adequate steps to care for them by feeding and giving them water. They also groom them, take them to the vet regularly and administer medications to them as required.

One of the ways some dog parents take care of theirs dressing them in dog clothes. Most animals including dogs have natural hair and fur that help to keep them warm. It also helps them to look beautiful, attractive and differentiated from other breeds.

Pet parents can choose to enhance these attributes and help their pets keep warm by dressing them in clothes. However, is this needed? You can find reasons you may need to clothe your pet below.


Should Your Dog Wear Clothes?

For many people, it is puzzling and strange to see dogs in clothes. However, much more than a matter of dress-up, doggie clothes are serious accessories. Some can argue that it is only for fashion which in itself is not bad. There is absolutely nothing erroneous about owning a fashionable dog.

Besides clothes there are also collars which are very often a beautiful and necessary addition to clothes. But did you know that they can also be very useful? Technologies now give us the opportunity to prevent our pets from getting lost with the help of GPS trackers. You can equip your pet with a dog GPS tracker and be calm and not worry about the safety of your dog. These smart collars will help especially those who love hiking with their four-legged friends and give them a chance to walk and play as much as they want.

Asides from fashion, doggie clothes help to keep pets warm and comfortable. If you are wondering if it is ok to put clothes on your dog, you can find below reasons why it is important.

Cold Weather

One of the obvious reasons for having your dog wear clothes is the extreme cold conditions of winter. Your pooch may have a natural body warmer in the shape of fur but adding an extra layer is not a bad idea. After all, you as a human wear several layers of clothes to keep warm.

This is especially true for breeds that have thin coats. They may not be able to cope during this winter period. Their coats may be enough to go through other times of the year but when temperatures drop, they need more protection.

Furthermore, puppies, small dogs and older ones are more vulnerable and sensitive to cold. Putting clothes on them helps to regulate their body temperature. With this, you can avoid health problems that are associated with the cold.

Interestingly, even in summer, there are cooling vests that you can put on them. This helps to prevent overheating during the intense heat and humidity of summer.

It Serves as Protection For Their Skin and Fur

When humans stay long in the sun, they typically have sunburns. Dogs are no different. Although they cannot talk neither does it show, but the sun can affect their skin and coats. Asides from the sun, some other elements or irritants can affect your pet.

These include insects and bugs especially when you need to go into the woods for hunting, hiking and the likes. Also, tree branches, dirt, burrs, allergens, etc. can get into their skin or coat and in some cases can hurt them.

Rather than using sprays or other insecticides or allowing your pet to hurt, you can prevent this by their wearing doggie clothes. This also makes grooming and bathing them easier for you. Additionally, if your dog has the habit of chewing or scratching its skin, doggie garments help to reduce that.

It Makes Your Home Neater

One of the benefits of doggie clothing is a neater home. It is normal for your pet to shed its fur from time to time especially those that have thick furs. This means you will have hair strewn all over especially if your dog is allowed everywhere in your house.

With doggie clothes, this will be greatly reduced. Yes, you will have some cleaning to do but on a much lesser scale. They will shed their hair inside the clothing and you can dispose of it easily. This will keep hair away from your carpet, couch, car interior and other stuff. Another idea to reduce fur on the carpet is to get your pet a bed, have a massive collection of dog and cat beds.

Buying Doggies Clothes

There are various kinds of garments for pets. Some are meant to keep them warm some are for fashion and some are useful for protecting them in different ways. This can include a reflective jacket when walking them at night.

benefits of doggie clothes

You can buy dog clothes online or from any neighborhood pet store around you. It is crucial for your dog’s comfort that you buy the right size of garments. Pet sizing is not the same so you should know your pet’s measurements.

To take proper measurements, start from the neck and measure around the place where a collar will rest. This is usually the widest area of the neck above its shoulders. The next step is to measure the length of its back from the neck’s base to its tail.

The chest size is also very important. Measure around its broadest part which is just behind its front legs. These measurements will help you get the right sizing for your dog. You can always ask your supplier or vendors about this for clarification.


Dogs are lovely pets to have. As a pet parent, you want to do your best to ensure that they are comfortable. Putting garments on them is one good way to do this especially in winter or harsh conditions.

When buying a garment for your pooch, ensure to get the right measurement and sizing. This is important for their comfort.

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