How to Keep Your Pets Safe When You Are Not at Home

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe When You’re Not at Home

When you get a pet, their well-being is a priority since they rely on you for everything, including their safety. As a pet parent, you are probably terrified of leaving your pet alone at home, especially if you’re often away for a while.

Your worry is justified!

Pets can be a recipe for disaster if left alone. You are constantly worried about your pet causing havoc in the house, being stolen, or something terrible happening to it in your absence.

We’ve got you covered! Here are the best five ways of ensuring pet safety in your absence.

1. Pet-Proof Your Kitchen

Pets are like toddlers, but they can easily reach your kitchen cabinets. That makes your kitchen a dangerous place for your pet if no one else is around.

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Kitchen dangers range from tripping hot liquids, eating toxic materials like detergents or causing accidental fires. Make sure the kitchen area is inaccessible whenever you leave your pet alone.

If you cannot prevent the pet from accessing the kitchen area, reduce the danger level by doing the following:

  • Closets and drawers: keep them locked. Dogs can chew clothes.
  • Cupboards: close them at all times, especially if holding knives or glasses. Leaping pets are likely to cause accidents by climbing on them.
  • Electric cords: dogs and rabbits can chew on them causing electrocution. Keep the chords off the ground and out of reach if possible.
  • Chemicals: chemicals including anti-freeze and detergents should be locked away.

The list could go on, but the trick is to think of your pet as an active leaping toddler. So potential risks should be identified within the house and kept out of reach.

2. Find a Pet Sitter

This is probably every pet-owner’s first thought whenever they want their pets looked after. A pet sitter guarantees pet safety whenever you think your pet cannot deal with your absence. Having a new puppy means no meal routines to skip and consistent potty training.

Finding a pet sitter means your pet schedule remains uninterrupted while you spend longer durations from home. Such routines are vital for the pet’s general health and well-being.

If you can’t find a pet sitter, there are several apps to help you.

3. Install Surveillance System

Having CCTV cameras in strategic places of entry and exit will give you peace of mind. You can link the camera feed to your mobile device, enabling you to check on the new family member from time to time.

With holidays like 420 and the 4th of July around the corner, you will likely hang out away from home, which can be concerning if you own a pet.

Having a surveillance camera should come in handy as a deterrent, or it may still help when you need to report a break-in and track down the intruders.

Alternatively, you can choose to hire a residential security guard to watch over your property while you’re away. Special Security Services can guide you further on how to get that done.

4. Separate Your Pets

An owner of multiple pets? Separate them.

Separating your pets when absent means the chances of a brawl are limited. Whether you own a dog and cat or two dogs, separate them to avoid injuries or turning the house upside down.

However, if your pets are inseparable, minimize competition. Provide identical items in twos: two eating bowls, sleeping areas, and litter boxes.

5. Train Your Pet

It is better to train your pet to be alone at home if you don’t have other options. Designate a particular space, room, or cornered section for your pet. Make the area comfortable for your pet and keep the hazards away.

How to Keep Your Pets Safe When You Are Not at Home

Training your pet to spend time in its quiet, cozy zone helps keep its destructive tendencies at bay and protects it from leaving home.

Crating is advised whenever you are unavailable for a short period, or a pet sitter can check on your pet from time to time.


Having a pet comes with new joy and laughter in the house. They’re not just good company. They assist us in many ways.

Pets are connected to improved family bonds, reduced anxiety, and stress levels, increased exercising, reduced heart problems, etc.

When you consider the wonderful impact of pets, it becomes necessary to do whatever you can to keep your pets loved and protected.

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