6 Tips to Building a Warm Dog House

All dogs are a source of immense joy to their families. However, they’re susceptible to sickness when exposed to extreme weather conditions. You can help keep your dog strong and healthy by building a warm dog house in the winter. The construction process is pretty easy and straightforward. Here are 6 tips to building a warm dog house:

1. Plan beforehand

Building a warm home for your loyal friend needn’t be a complex engagement. Focus on designing a cozy house that will withstand harsh climatic conditions. Remember to construct a raised floor when building your dog house – this will prevent running water from flooding the dog shed when it rains.

doghouse winter

Having a raised floor also helps your dog to remain warm during winter since it offers sufficient isolation from the freezing ground.

2. Design your dog house properly

The dimensions of your dog shed will be determined by the dog’s distinct size. Start by measuring the length of your dog, then add about 12 inches to define the house width. As for the house length, add 18 inches. The door should be big enough to allow your dog in and out comfortably.

Plywood is usually the choice material for constructing a sturdy dog house. However, there are a variety of heat-retaining materials you can use to build your dog house.

3. Provide extra insulation

The chilly winter months can prove to be overly cold for your dog. Apart from raising the shed’s floor to insulate it from the cold, it’s important to consider the material used during construction. Concrete floors can get extremely cold and shouldn’t be used to build the dog house.

Wood, on the other hand, provides sufficient insulation and will keep your dog warm during winter. You can also place a wooden pallet on the floor of your dog house to offer extra padding.

4. Cold-proof door

The entrance to your dog house should provide enough protection during the cold days. Warm air should be retained within the shed, maintaining heat inside and keeping the cold air out. To keep the doorway insulated, fasten some heavy fabric or vinyl at the entrance.

You can also provide proper carpeting to provide an added layer of isolation. The ample heat that ensues will make your pup very warm and happy.

5. Purchase a heating lamp or an electric heat box

You can introduce an efficient heating system to the dog house during construction. Heating lamps are designed to dissipate heat. This makes them extremely popular among dog lovers who desire to keep their furry friends warm.

Some heating lamps are built to produce both heat and light while others are designed to dispel heat without light. In addition, consider purchasing an electric heat box for your dog house if you’re budget approves it.

6. Avoid building a huge dog house

Your dog already has ample yard space outside to run around and play, so make sure you design an adequately sized dog house. The shed should offer enough space to allow your dog to stretch and turn around comfortable. Building a sufficient dog house will allow your dog to keep warm and cozy.

Salman Zafar

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