Best Ways to Dress Up Your Dog

ways to dress up your dog

Like many other dog owners, you probably love dressing up your pet in various clothing styles, especially if you are enthusiastic about fashion. After all, pet fashion is becoming increasingly popular, so designers always try to create excellent dog apparel to keep up with the demand. But among so many clothing styles, which ones should […]

6 Tips To Help Your Dog Have Happy, Long Life


Of course, every dog owner wants their dog to have happy, long life. How can you give your dog the life and love it deserves? These dog care tips may help: 1. Healthy and balanced diet A healthy and balanced diet is not only important for humans but also for pets. However, what may be […]

Why Your Pet May Need Doggie Clothes

benefits of doggie clothes

Dogs are simply the most friendly and domesticated animals. They are cuddly, loyal and versatile. They are also easy to care for. Thus the reasons are not far-fetched why humans readily love them. Humans will go to great lengths to ensure they are comfortable and healthy. People have pets like dogs for a host of […]

Why is a Squirrel a Dangerous Animal and How to Protect Yourself from Bad Consequences?

dangers posed by squirrels

Squirrels are very cute animals, but such close contact with them can bring serious trouble. Once in a wound, the rabies virus spreads along the nerve fiber, reaches the central nervous system, affects the brain and leads to the death of a person. This is the case if prophylaxis with rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin is […]

Things You Should Know About Wireless Fence For Large Dogs


Wireless pet fence has gained tremendous popularity among the pet owners over recent years. With a wireless pet fence, you can create a large area for your dog to enjoy without having to worry about its safety. The best wireless fences come with a high-quality electronic transmitter that sends a radio signal via a boundary […]

What to Look for in a Cockatiel Cage

things to look for in a bird cage

Birds are fantastic pets that, in recent years, have become a veritable staple for Australian homes. And since you are a person who wishes to enjoy the company of affectionate and intelligent animals, you are probably interested in buying a pet bird. But there are several details to consider when looking for your next pet. […]

How to Take Best Care of My Dog’s Leather Collar?

dog 558643 1280

As a pet owner, you need the best for your closest companion. You realize it requires some investment to locate the ideal leather collar for your dog. What a few dog owners don’t understand is that leather dog collar items require care and molding. Since leather is, in fact, a creature skin, it can get […]

Why Won’t My Dog Eat? Learn About Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating

Reasons Why Your Dog Isn't Eating

Dog owners find it stressful when their pets lose their appetite, which frequently points to a medical concern. Dog food and treats refusal that continues for more than a whole day should not be disregarded because it frequently signals that something is going on. Experts from Superior Care shared the most common reasons why a […]

How to Take Care of Your Dogs?


Dogs are the friendliest creature to have at your home. You can find at least one house that raises a dog in your lane. People claim that dogs take care of their owners and the family. You can talk with them, play with them, command them to do some activities, train them to participate in […]

Factors To Consider When Moving With Pets


Moving is indeed stressful for humans. But, imagine how difficult it is for your pets. Typically, pets can quickly become anxious and fearful when they notice an unexpected activity in your house. Because of this, a long distance moving with these furry friends should be planned carefully to ensure a seamless relocation experience for the […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Automatic Litter Box


An automatic litter box keeps your home looking clean and maintains high levels of hygiene. Although they are bit different and some are a bit costly, getting an automatic self-cleaning litter box is quite beneficial. Apart from being convenient, an automatic litter box is a great addition to your home. Here are three reasons why […]

Help! My Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Tips to help your dog deal with separation anxiety

Coming home to a stressed dog and a scene of devastation is never a good outcome to leaving your dog alone. But, for many dogs, separation from their family can cause such huge distress that they end up causing significant damage to themselves and the home. In this guide, we help you understand the signs […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe When You’re Not at Home

How to Keep Your Pets Safe When You Are Not at Home

When you get a pet, their well-being is a priority since they rely on you for everything, including their safety. As a pet parent, you are probably terrified of leaving your pet alone at home, especially if you’re often away for a while. Your worry is justified! Pets can be a recipe for disaster if […]

Keeping Chicken in the Back Garden – An Ultimate Guide


More and more families are loving the idea of keeping chickens in their back garden. Chickens do not only provide fresh eggs but are also great pets. Keeping chickens in your garden can be relatively easy and doesn’t require so much work. However, it is important to cross check certain factors and be certain you […]

Indoor Cats vs Outdoor Cats: A Guide to Choose the Right Cat


Some say cats live more if they stay indoors. While another school of thought believes that it is unethical to restrict cat indoors as they deserve the freedom to roam, hunt, and enjoy their life in an outside world. As a matter of fact, indoor cats can reach a ripe old age of 18 whereas […]

How to Pick a Bird Feeder for a Cardinal


Cardinals are considered by many birdwatchers as being the best type of bird. The not only have vibrant plumage and sing beautiful songs, but cardinals are very easy to please. Many people treat them as pets in their yards and keep feeding them. Unlike other types of birds, cardinals are known to be very loyal. […]

3 Easy Steps to Perform a Pet-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Pet Friendly Home

Carpets play a significant role in adding a look of class and sophistication to your house. There is no better feeling than the softness of carpets on your feet while walking inside your home. However, there is a downside. Some carpets can be very delicate and prone to damage very easily. It gets all the […]

Know About Assistance Dog, Emotional Support Dog & Therapy Dog


There are distinctive differences in the concepts of assistance dog, emotional support animal and therapy dog. This article will help you better understand the difference between them and consider whether you need a service dog or therapy dog. What is the difference between an assistance dog, an emotional support dog, and a therapy dog? These […]

The Pros and Cons to Dog GPS Trackers

The Pros and Cons to Dog GPS Trackers

Losing an animal friend is every dog owner’s nightmare. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you can imagine. Research shows that about 1.2 million dogs get lost each year. So, keeping your dog safe is your responsibility. Most dog owners have a microchip or ID tag implanted on their pets. However, this may not be […]

How To Keep Your Cat Litter Box Odorless

trim cat nails

One aspect of having a cat is abhorred by many and that is dealing with cleaning cat litter boxes. Well, self-cleaning and automatic litter boxes have made our life easier but not 100 percent. There has been some manual work included in cleaning them no matter what. If not cleaned properly, cat litter boxes stink […]

Are Wireless Dog Fences a Good Option For Your Pup?

invisible dog fence

Invisible fences for dogs are low-cost, flexible electric barriers that use a battery-powered collar to administer an electric shock to keep dogs from crossing property lines. If someone recently moved to a home without a fenced-in yard or chose to adopt a dog and their home does not already have a boundary to keep a […]

How to Trim Cat Nails

how to trim cat's nails

The thought of clipping your cat’s nails is enough to raise your blood pressure. But the nail trimming is required to keep you, your family, and your furniture protective. Nail trimming is a difficult task and most of time it ends up with a scratched and bloody owner and a frightened cat. A cat’s nails […]

6 Tips to Building a Warm Dog House


All dogs are a source of immense joy to their families. However, they’re susceptible to sickness when exposed to extreme weather conditions. You can help keep your dog strong and healthy by building a warm dog house in the winter. The construction process is pretty easy and straightforward. Here are 6 tips to building a warm […]

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog House Warm in the Winter


Temperatures during winters are not polite on our bodies. All we want to do is remain in our warm homes, or even tuck under the blankets to retain warmth. One small exposure to cold could lead to development of frostbite. As you keep yourself warm, you should always consider having your pet, the dog, remain […]

5 Secrets On Making Your Cat To Like You

friendship with cat

Cats are one of the popular animals to pet because of their adorable-furry appearance and relatively kids-friendly. However, everyone knows that it’s harder to become close and cuddly with a cat than a dog. In order to gain trust of your feline pet, the process will take some time, efforts, and patience. Fortunately with the […]

Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Electronic Dog Door

pros and cons of gps tracker

All dog owners want to ensure their pets are happy and, thus, look for different tools and dog uprising methods to make their pets comfortable and intelligent. Among the most significant home alterations you need if you live in a house is installing a suitable access point for your pet. The dog door can either […]

4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet


Has your child been bugging you of having a pet lately? Or do you want your home to have a constant source of infectious energy? Getting a furry companion has many benefits. But it is not a decision that you could do in a whim. Here are some questions you need to answer before welcoming […]

The Best Dog Home Remedies For Fleas


Does your canine companion spend most of its time scratching? Does its skin look red and irritated? Such symptoms are obvious indicators of a flea infestation, which is extremely common in dogs. These annoying parasites infest both your beloved pet and your home, particularly if your canine friend resides inside the house. Pet owners employ […]

What Are Dog and Cats Seizures and How Do You Treat Them?


Seizures, or commonly known as a fit or convulsion, is now a pretty common topic amongst the pet owners. Whether you have a cat or a dog, seeing them having a seizure can be worrisome. However, in most cases, the owners do not know why their pet is suffering from a seizure or what should […]