How to Pick a Bird Feeder for a Cardinal

Cardinals are considered by many birdwatchers as being the best type of bird. The not only have vibrant plumage and sing beautiful songs, but cardinals are very easy to please. Many people treat them as pets in their yards and keep feeding them.

Unlike other types of birds, cardinals are known to be very loyal. They have also been considered as spiritual messengers. It is why it is so important to make sure you get the best bird feeder for cardinals.

When it comes to cardinals there are many ways to take care of them. Principally this is about ensuring they are fed and housed well. It’s the best way to enjoy the company of these red-feathered birds.

They are fascinating. One aspect is that they are so territorial. This is what makes having their own feeder so important. Keen bird watchers are aware that cardinals prefer to feed in a closed space, which is one of the tactics they employ against predators. If they don’t use a proper feeder, they are known to be ground feeders too.


When choosing which is the right bird feeder for the cardinals in your yard, you must recognize this breed is the first to feed in the morning and the last to feed at night. This means that with an open space feeder, you will need to refill twice a day is sufficient.

Cardinals know the seeds that are good for them so using a proper feeder and the correct mixture of seed is a must. It’s also crucial that the feeder you use for your cardinals is not accessible to interlopers like squirrels and rodents.

Best Bird Food for Cardinals

Like other birds, Cardinals know what they like. Among the special characteristics dictating the kind of food they prefer is flower seeds like those of the sunflower.


If you ever ask yourself why you do what we do when it comes to bird watching, then you can rest assured that bird feeding is one of the few things we can do while doing something else. It means that we can wake up to the sight of birds sitting and perching while they feed. We get the benefit of their glorious colors, which is is hugely psychologically appealing.

Cardinals also play a part in maintaining our health. Indeed, one study has shown that Northern Cardinals provide more than just scenery and an appealing soundtrack. They also have a part to play in keeping us healthy.

Robins are capable of spreading diseases like the West Nile Virus (WNV), but Cardinals have an effect that is the opposite. They actually deter the presence of the disease and scientists have concluded that Cardinals are powerful suppressors of the virus. The research indicates that bird biodiversity is an important way of ensuring the human population stays healthy.

Watching birds like Cardinals also has an aesthetic benefit. The pastime of watching beautifully colored birds also brings peace and harmony.

Among the good things about cardinals, is that unlike others, they always return to those habitats they have marked as theirs.

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