Best Things to Do in Newport Beach

The Best Things to Do in Newport Beach, CA for Seniors

What can you do when you get old? The same things you did when you got young. Stay active. Learn new things. Laugh. Stay engaged. Live your best life.

Here’s a list of some great things to do in Newport Beach, CA, for seniors.

1. Visit The Balboa Island Historical Museum

The Balboa Island Historical Museum is often the first stop for those who visit Newport Beach, CA. Allow yourself a few hours to take this opportunity to not only appreciate the rich history of Balboa Island but also to understand the lives of those who helped build this quaint island. Browse the museum’s various collections to discover the history of Balboa Island and Balboa Peninsula. Many of these collections are from the families who built and lived on the island. The Balboa Island Historical Museum is a place that is sure to leave you with a better understanding of this quaint seaside community.

2. Go to the Aquarium of the Pacific

The aquarium of the Pacific is another great way to spend some free time. It was rated as one of the top aquariums in the country by TripAdvisor. It has more than 400 different species of sea creatures, including sharks, sea turtles, jellyfish, various species of fish, stingrays, and several others not found in other aquariums.

Best Things to Do in Newport Beach , CA for Seniors

3. Go to the beach at Newport Beach

Newport Beach is one of California’s most visited cities, so people looking for a relaxing time should check it out. The beach is open 24 hours a day, so you can go there any time you want. If you are interested in the beautiful views of the ocean, there are plenty of places for you to enjoy. The beach area has chairs, umbrellas, and small restaurants where you can grab some food while watching the waves.

4. Learn a New Skill

If you’re a senior looking for a fun way to spend your free time, spending it in a class is a great idea. There are many things you can learn in this city, from learning sign language to playing chess. You can take any class that grabs your attention and improve your knowledge

5. Visit The Newport Beach Pier, located at Balboa Peninsula

A few minutes from Newport Beach, you will find the Balboa Pier, which opened in 1907. The pier is one of the longest in California. Its length makes it a great fishing spot, so those looking for a great time with a pole in their hand should check it out.

The pier also has a lot of souvenir stores that sell crafts, clothes, and candy. If you’re not interested in these stores, restaurants and food trucks can also quench your hunger.

For those who don’t want to sit still, the pier also has a variety of activities to keep them entertained. You can find float rentals and ice cream carts around the pier.

But if you want to go further away from the pier, there are several recreational options near Newport Beach. One of them is Crystal Cove State Park, which has everything you need for an excellent time.

Best Things to Do in Newport Beach

You can visit the Moro caves or see the quaint beachside shops that sell everything from crafts to art. If you’re interested in learning more about the area, the Crystal Cove Historic District Museum is close by, and it will tell you all about the area’s rich history. Another great way to enjoy Newport Beach is driving around dressed up in your convertible. This activity is perfect for women who love driving around in style because they get to enjoy Newport Beach while feeling relaxed behind the wheel.

  • Hiking

If you don’t want to stay in the water the whole time, there are a lot of things you can do hiking around Newport Beach. In this city, you have tons of trails to walk on, so if you want to enjoy nature, you should go for a hike here.

  • Go to the Vivante Living Center in New Port Beach

Seniors looking for something else to do that doesn’t involve being on the beach or inside an aquarium can go to this magnificent senior living in New Port Beach. The center offers different activities like exercise classes and bingo games.

  • Have Family Game Nights

 If you enjoy playing board games or card games, this is one of the best things to do in Newport Beach, CA, for seniors. You can get your family together to play games in the living room or even in the backyard if it’s nicer out. This is one of the best activities because it’s extremely fun and allows you to bond with your family. You can reminisce about old times or talk about current events in the news.

  • Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort

If you like to camp and rent RVs, plus enjoy the water, then check out the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. The resort has awesome digs that will make you feel like you’re on vacation full time! They also have awesome activities such as checkers and cornhole, to name a few, and awesome shops where you can buy awesome souvenirs.

  • Mind Your Health with Yoga

Newport beach is your ideal spot to take up yoga. You’ll find a slew of studios offering the practice, which provides respite from stress and helps improve flexibility. Take classes near your house at places like Planet Yogi Yoga Studio, Newport Beach Yoga, or LA Yoga

  • Dance

Learn the art of dance from our talented dance instructors at Dance Shape Studios in Newport Beach. Zumba is one of the most popular group fitness classes in the world. At Dance Shape Studios in Newport Beach, classes are led by talented instructors that will help you experience a fun, exciting workout that will leave you wanting more.

According to the World Health Organization, older adults who engage in the regular physical activity report better mental health and greater satisfaction with life. The National Institute of Health recommends participating in a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every day.

Final words

Although it’s only about an hour from SouthBeach, we find that most people don’t know about Newport as a place to visit. But as a true beachside community with fun activities and beautiful scenery, Newport is the perfect place to spend a day or weekend. From horseback riding to golfing, there’s something for everyone.

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