tips to choose the right horse school

Equestrian Education: How to Choose the Right Horse School?

The majority of people looking for the right horse school will turn to various online reviews and YouTube videos that will provide them with shiny and bright comments from famous riders and beginners. Still, British equestrian educators recommend always visiting the horse school in person to check on several aspects. The most important among them is taking a look at the horses. You should be able to see the horses freely by visiting them. If they look healthy (one can see that even when being inexperienced) and act friendly, it is the first thing to consider when choosing the school!

Read on to know how to choose the right horse school

1. Visiting The Horses Should Be Your Top Priority

The most important part of any evaluation of the horse school is taking a look at what is being offered in terms of the horses. They should look happy and act healthy as you approach them. If there is a clear sign of lifeless and dull behaviour, it is a red alert that should help you to consider another school right away. If the horses are not in a healthy state or they do not let you see the stables for some reason, it can even get dangerous as you learn.


2. Evaluate The Lessons in Person

Another great way to evaluate the school’s quality is to be present at the actual lessons as you watch others ride. You might remember the practice of the open lessons at school or college. It will help you see what teaching style is used by the instructor. If you can see that the horse is often out of control, it’s an indication that the instructor hasn’t done his or her job to match the horse with the younger or an older rider. Of course, it all comes down to the teaching style. If you are facing the matching problem as a college learner, consider and see what kind of assistance is available. Speaking of the horse school, don’t be afraid to ask questions once the lesson is over and the instructor is free.

3. Read Online Reviews

Don’t forget to read online reviews from the actual students of the horse school. These may discuss the progress and comment on the teaching style. Some people will attach short videos and tell you about the horses. The presence of the school’s website and social media activity is another important sign to consider as keeping things active also takes time and shows the right attitude.

4. Meet The School’s Instructors

You should meet the instructors and talk to them to choose the right person. You have to get along well and have no conflicts or pressure of any kind. If you are new to horseback riding, a good teacher is essential because you will have questions. Also, make sure that you come to the lesson feeling calm and have no tasks left undone. If you are a student, you may pay someone to write your college essay or have that presentation assistance to get things done on time. As the horses will always feel your mental state, it’s much better when you are feeling calm and peaceful. Of course, it’s natural to feel nervous when it’s your first lesson but a professional horse riding instructor should be able to handle your concerns!

tips to choose the right horse school

5. Examine The Facility

The school must allow you to do the checking and not be against it because it is your right to check things as you visit for the first time. Ask them about the wash racks and the restrooms among other things. If everything is kept in a clean state and works as intended, it’s one of those aspects to consider when you are making your choice and leaving your belongings or needing to change your clothes. Examining the boarding facilities, you are simply making yourself remain safe as you follow basic hygiene rules!

The Facility Matters

In a certain sense, when you are planning to choose the right horse school, it has to be just like choosing your college where you are looking for the sum of several factors like the brand name, the facility, the instructors, the location, and so on. The horse school is no different because it has to create a safe environment for you to learn. Visit each place, talk to people, pay attention to the location, and see what teaching methods are being used. It will help you to follow the gut feeling as you consider what feels right to you!

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