What is an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is an undergraduate degree that is conferred after a student completes post-secondary education that lasts about two years. That fact that it can be completed in as little as two years is probably one of the biggest come-ons of an associate degree. However, depending on the pace set by a student, the maximum number of years he can complete it is anywhere from two and a half years to six years.

This is one of the most common degree levels along with a bachelor’s degree. It has become increasingly popular in the last two decades because it has proven to be a quicker and less expensive way to finish school. As soon as you finish it and your degree has been conferred to you, you can start looking for a job right away, whereas if you take a bachelor’s degree, you will have to devote at least four years to it because you can graduate.

If you have tried applying for a job before, you have probably come across a job description that requires “some college” experience in the applicant’s educational background. An associate degree fits right into that description. Indeed, 2 year degrees may be short, but they can be good stand-ins in case you don’t have the time and means to get a bachelor’s degree.


Typically, 2 year degrees will require you to earn 60 units form the core courses of the major you have chosen. That translates to about two to three years’ worth of schooling. For some, they consider an associate degree as a preliminary step towards getting a bachelor’s degree. Some areas of study that can earn you an associate degree include:

  • Applied Sciences
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Culinary Arts
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Other Technical Courses

Why Get an Associate Degree?

As mentioned previously, an associate degree lays a good foundation for an individual desiring to pursue further studies in the hopes of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. It’s also a great option for high school graduates who badly want to go to college but can’t afford a four-year course.

The main goal of an associate degree is to provide students with basic technical and academic know-how, as well as transferable skills that prove to be beneficial when seeking employment. In fact, there are so-called 2 year degree jobs, which are jobs primarily geared towards students who finished two years of schooling.

Those desiring to save time, money, and effort can even take advantage of online education programs from providers accredited by top colleges and universities like Such websites have collaborated with high-ranking universities across the globe to offer the best programs for two year degrees that will help them get jobs in less time than what is normal.

Job Opportunities for Those with Associate Degrees

What do you get out of an online associate degree program? Well, you will benefit from having an “accelerated” degree, and as a result, be considered for two year degree jobs, which we explained earlier. With an accelerated degree, you no longer have to actually spend two years of your life in a classroom setting where you will take exams, go through loads of coursework, do projects and other similar stuff just to acquire a degree.

By purchasing the best two year degrees online, you will receive your degree, hassle-free, in more or less one week. You can get it for a fraction of what you will have normally paid for conventional schooling. So, you will not only be saving your time and effort but you will also save money while obtaining an accredited, verifiable, and legitimate university degree.

You can be sure that it is legitimate and will put you in line for 2 year degree jobs because you can call the issuing school to verify the degree with them. How is that possible? As we mentioned previously, some world-renowned universities have partnered with online education providers. That means you will enroll with a particular university, say University of California, Irvine, but your online program will be coursed through the provider.

Because it is just a provider, you will technically still be under UCI. Hence, your degree certificate, transcript, and other supporting documents will bear the name and logo of UCI. That will give you more than enough leverage when applying for a position that pays well or when you are contending for a promotion. Why is that? Because most employers want proof that their applicants really did graduate from the school highlighted on their curriculum vitae and the degrees presented to them are not mass-produced by diploma mills.


The list of jobs that are perfect for those with associate degrees is long and extensive. Nevertheless, we have rounded up 24 jobs, with salary expectations, that you may be interested in exploring. These are:

  1. Air Traffic Controller

Salary: $124,540

Job Outlook: 3%

Number of Jobs: 24,900

  1. Computer Programmer

Salary: $82,240

Job Outlook: -8%

Number of Jobs: 294,900

  1. Radiation Therapist

Salary: $80,570

Job Outlook: 13%

Number of Jobs: 19,100

  1. Nuclear Technician

Salary: $80,370

Job Outlook: 1%

Number of Jobs: 6,900

  1. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Salary: $75,660

Job Outlook: 10%

Number of Jobs: 20,100

  1. Dental Hygienist

Salary: $74,070

Job Outlook: 20%

Number of Jobs: 207,900

  1. Registered Nurse

Salary: $70,000

Job Outlook: 15%

Number of Jobs: 2,955,200

  1. Web Developer

Salary: $67,990

Job Outlook: 15%

Number of Jobs: 162,900

  1. Aerospace Engineering Technician

Salary: $67,240

Job Outlook: 7%

Number of Jobs: 12,100

  1. Medical Sonographer

Salary: $65,620

Job Outlook: 17%

Number of Jobs: 122,300

  1. Electronic Engineering Technician

Salary: $63,660

Job Outlook: 2%

Number of Jobs: 137,000

  1. Police Officer

Salary: $62,690

Job Outlook: 7%

Number of Jobs: 807,000

  1. Avionics Technician

Salary: $61,270

Job Outlook: 5%

Number of Jobs: 149,500

  1. Radiologic & MRI Technologist

Salary: $60,070

Job Outlook: 13%

Number of Jobs: 241,700

  1. Respiratory Therapist

Salary: $59,710

Job Outlook: 23%

Number of Jobs: 130,200

  1. Electro-Mechanical Technician

Salary: $56,740

Job Outlook: 4%

Number of Jobs: 13,800

  1. Occupational Assistant

Salary: $56,690

Job Outlook: 28%

Number of Jobs: 46,800

  1. Mechanical Engineering Technicians

Salary: $55,360

Job Outlook: 5%

Number of Jobs: 46,100

  1. Telecom Installer

Salary: $53,880

Job Outlook: -8%

Number of Jobs: 237,600

  1. Funeral Service Worker

Salary: $53,550

Job Outlook: 5%

Number of Jobs: 54,400

  1. Drafter

Salary: $53,480

Job Outlook: 7%

Number of Jobs: 207,700

  1. Computer Network Specialist

Salary: $52,160

Job Outlook: 10%

Number of Jobs: 835,300

  1. Paralegal

Salary: $49,500

Job Outlook: 15%

Number of Jobs: 285,600

  1. HVAC Installer

Salary: $45,910

Job Outlook: 15%

Number of Jobs: 332,900

You see, there is no shortage of potential jobs.

Other Advantages of an Online Associate Degree

If you buy 2 year degrees from accredited providers, you will feel more qualified to apply for a particular position because you have confidence that you can go head-to-head with the competition. In fact, with an associate degree acquired online, you may even have a competitive edge over your colleagues when it comes to 2 year degree jobs.

With an online associate degree program, you can get your degree without moving to another place, giving up your job, relying on financial support coming from your family, and making dramatic changes to your lifestyle. The accelerated phase of an associate degree can help rectify a situation in which you can’t apply for a certain job despite your skills and knowledge because you lack the formal education. Since an associated degree allows you to finish 2 year degrees fast, you can just as quickly apply for a job.

Aside from the prospect of two year degree jobs, acquiring an associate degree likewise equips you with a powerful tool to build your self-confidence. At the same time that you obtain the degree you have always longed for, you can also gain social recognition. Not to mention, it becomes so much easier for you to influence employers to select you as the best candidate for a job or a promotion because you are more than qualified, all thanks to your online associate degree.

You may have gone the easier route, but an associate degree is a great confidence booster, making you proud of the things you were able to achieve. The job of your dreams will be within reach because online associate degrees from accredited providers like Buy University Degrees can help empower you and build the self-assurance you need to impress on an employer that you are the perfect person for the position he is hiring for.

Do You Really Need a College Degree to Get a Job?

Although it is possible for you to acquire the skills and know-how necessary for a specific area through hands-on experience and lots of reading even if you’re a college dropout, most companies require applicants to present their degree when applying for a job. Getting a regionally accredited associate degree will increase your chances of getting chosen by potential employers because you will have no trouble certifying your capabilities.

Indeed, an associate degree, whether obtained from actual, on-site classes or online, is a wise investment for your career. You can just imagine the numerous job opportunities that will open for you, thereby securing a bright future for you and your family.


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