Job Prospects After an MS in USA

A master’s course in the US can be very difficult to get in. However, the amount of hard work you do to actually get into a good university, will certainly pay off later. There are several lucrative master’s courses that offer great job opportunities on their completion. Of course, there will definitely be various factors to be taken into consideration, like the university or college you do your master’s from, how well you score, your experience in the industry you plan to work in, etc. But overall, the US is known to pick Indians for jobs. Today, we tell you what the job prospects after an MS in USA are.

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1. The Dollar

Well, we all know what attracts students the most. That handsome paycheck is an ultimate goal for a lot of students. Employees are well paid. Along with it, the high ratio of dollar to rupee conversion is a cynosure for students throughout the world. The average salary per annum for various disciplines after doing an MS in that field is as follows:

  1. Business and Management studies: $71,600
  2. Computer Science Engineer: $72,000
  3. Engineering (in general for all fields): $74,000
  4. Math and Science streams: $68,000
  5. Communication and Media: $55,700
  6. Social Sciences: $52,300

2. Tech Hub

Everyone is aware that the USA is the “it” place for technology. Be it smartphones, or continuous research and development in the area of artificial intelligence, there is no place like the US. There is something constantly changing and happening in the world of technology and the US seems to be at the forefront of it.

So, if you pursue a master’s in computer science or information technology or specialize in any field of computer science like cybersecurity, data science, deep learning, networking, etc., you know you have a job waiting for you. You are bound to get picked by some or the other tech company.

3. Campus Placements

Colleges and universities offer campus placements. It is up to you whether you want to sit for these recruitment or not. However, if you do decide to sit for them, one thing that Indian students must keep in mind is the difficulty in obtaining an H1B visa. This visa is granted to immigrants to work in the USA.

MS degree US job

So, there are chances that companies select green card holders over you, instead of having to go through the entire process of applying for an H1B visa. Therefore, it is important to prove that you have all the skills and are worthy of the trouble of getting the visa. You must excel at academics and be able to ace the interview.

4. Optional Practical Training (OPT)

The US government provides the facility of OPT to international students. This is basically a one year work and stay back permit given to students. Through OPT, students are allowed to work in a field related to their course of study. OPT can be utilized by students in two ways. Students can make use of it during the time period of their study. They are allowed to work while they are doing their master’s. Another option would be making use of OPT post their completion of master’s.

However, students must find a job within 90 days of the completion of the degree to avail the usage of this permit. The OPT permit allows the student to stay for one year in the US after he/she has completed his/her degree. However, for STEM courses, this period has been extended to two years instead of one. This permit is granted on the F1 visa that the student initially obtained to study.

5. Returning to India

The job market will obviously widen for you. Any recruiter is going to be impressed by the fancy degree that you have from the US. This will create plenty of job opportunities for you, since the foreign degree will provide you leverage over any other student who has done his master’s degree from India. Along with it, you will also be considered for positions that require some amount of specialization and experience. This reduces your time to advance to a higher position that you have been aiming for.

An MS from USA increases your chances of getting a higher salary. Companies will want you as much as you would want a job with them and it will automatically raise your salary bracket.

Finding a job can be difficult in the US, but once you do get one, there is probably nothing that can stop you. You are bound to have a better standard of living if you work hard. USA has great job prospects, provided you put in efforts for it.

Salman Zafar

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