essential software for college students

Most Needed Software to Install Before College

Getting ready for college includes numerous tasks that must be accomplished, which is why the weeks and even months until the start of your studies are so stressful and challenging. An important part that is often ignored is the installation of software solutions that are not only necessary to make your learning possible, but also those that are often listed in the requirements by the particular college. Starting with MS Word or OpenOffice for Mac users to Skype, Zoom, and Adobe Acrobat, you might already have a list to start with. If not, have no worries, as the suggestions below will keep you covered!


1. Microsoft Office Suite / Open Office

One of the most important software packages that you have to install for your college studies is the solution by Microsoft. Mac users can use Open Office as an alternative. Some laptops already come with Office 365 pre-installed, so consider it as an option. It will be sufficient for most college tasks and presentations. The Mac users will have a software called Pages that already comes pre-installed. With nothing at hand, you can also use Google Docs as you approach a research paper writing company or share the link to your draft on campus. Still, Office 365 is essential and should always come first as it will cover the majority of your writing and editing objectives!

2. Adobe Acrobat and Photoshop

These two solutions should be present if you are working with documents and need to edit your presentations and various multimedia elements. There are also special versions for college students and free packages that you should consider. There are also various browser additions, so you can sign the documents in PDF or share the screenshots or scans in Adobe Acrobat format. Now, if you are majoring in 3D Design or Engineering, you might be given several other solutions like AutoCAD, Rhino 3D, or anything similar based on your course, yet the presence of Adobe’s software solutions will be essential in most cases.

3. A Trustworthy Antivirus Software

You can use Avast Free antivirus or the free AVG solution. The choice of the antivirus should always depend on the features that you would like to cover. The major vendors will provide you with free versions of their software, so make sure to read the reviews before you download anything. Remember that some anti-viruses also help you to address spyware and hacking dangers, so these are essentially 2-in-1 software solutions that will be beneficial on campus.

4. Skype and Zoom Video Conferencing

This is where things can get rough, as the lack of Skype or Zoom on your computer can be problematic if you are learning via online courses or need to attend remote lectures by the guest specialists at your college. Keep them installed in advance and test how these work, so you can set your webcam and the microphone correctly. This way, you won’t mishear things and will know when to seek APA paper writing services when they ask you to compose a paper in this particular format. Make sure to set your privacy levels first, just to be on the safe side!

essential software for college students

5. Dropbox

There are both free and paid solutions when it comes to storing your documents and large multimedia elements online. Dropbox can be synchronized with your phone or your laptop, depending on the situation. You just have to share the link to the file or a folder and your college professor or friends can access it immediately. It’s great to store your notes, audio recordings, or past assignments, so all the precious data won’t get lost. Most importantly, all your information will remain encrypted, and you can access it anywhere.

Basics of PC and Internet Safety

As you tend to install all the possible helpful software for your college studies and think about adding various browser extensions, do not forget about the rules of Internet safety and take your time to read the reviews. When something is truly popular, for example antivirus, VPN or AI marketing, it does not always stand for the best solution that will work for you.

You should evaluate, check with your friends, and even ask the college technical advisor for their opinion when you are in doubt. It will help you to stay safe and avoid cluttering your laptop with software that may come into conflict and slow down the work of your machine. It is where the better less but good than too much of everything rule works!

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