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Converting PDF files to PNG images is not a straightforward task to do, not because of how complex the steps are in doing this action, but because of a lack of tools and methods to perform it. Because it is not relatively common to convert PDF files to PNG images, the most simple yet quickest way to convert these files is to use an online PDF to PNG converter.

But just like with other files, there are several websites on the Internet that lets users convert PDF files into PNG images, and one of them is PDFBear. This article will explain how PDFBear converts PDF files to PNG images, the benefits of using PDFBear, and the difference between JPG and PNG image files and when PNG is used. 

How to use PDFBear to Convert PDF files to PNG images?

Aside from converting PDF files into a variety of file formats including JPG, the PDFBear is also a PDF to PNG converter online that allows your PDF file to be converted into a PNG format in a few seconds. Because it is extremely limited to convert PDF files into PNG images, PDFBear provides a quick and accessible solution in converting PDF files to PNG images to everyone who needs it. Using this website is simple, and it only takes a few steps to convert your PDF document into a PNG image:

  1. Choose the PDF file you wish to be converted. You may then upload it by dragging the file onto the website or click “Select A File” to upload the document.
  2. After the PDF document has been downloaded, the file will then be scanned and by the website.
  3. The website will then start converting the PDF file in just a few seconds. 
  4. After the conversion process, you can now download the PNG image from the website. 

Advantages of Using PDFBear in Converting PDF files to PNG Images?

While there are a limited number of resources and tools that could be used to convert PDF files into PNG images, PDFBear makes the conversion process swift, straightforward, and safe. It only takes a short amount of time to convert PDF files to PNG images using PDFBear, as the website has an easy-to-use interface, even for those who will use PDFBear for the first time. You only need to perform a few steps and you can get your PNG image in just a few minutes. This is great, especially for those who want to perform this process as soon as possible.


PDFBear is also free to use for everyone. You don’t need to create a new account or even pay a monthly or one-time fee to access the website. All you need to do is to enter PDFBear’s link on a web browser, start converting and get the result. PDFBear could also be used in various web browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and in various platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS. Because you only need an internet connection to access PDFBear, you can convert PDF files into high-quality PNG images whenever you are. 

JPG vs PNG: Main Differences and When is PNG Used

JPG and PNG files are two of the most common file formats for images used by various people for various purposes. There are various differences between the two file formats, but the main difference between them is that PNG images retain the same quality before and after the compression of the image while JPG images have a lossy compression, which lessens the quality of JPEG images compared to PNG images. JPG images are commonly used in photographs, while PNG is used more often in graphics and screenshots. 

How is Converting PDF files to PNG images Useful?

Most people often think of PDF as a document format similar to Word, but PDF files can also store images as they are reliable and have high quality. Because PDF files could contain images, converting PDF files into JPG or PNG images became useful. PNG images are useful for storing iconic graphics, text, and line drawings because the quality of the images is not lost during compression. Therefore, there would be some instances when converting PDF files into PNG images are useful, especially if the PDF file contains an image that would suit the qualities of PNG images. 

Aside from having a higher level of quality, because PNG images have a transparent background compared to JPG and other image formats, PNG images are also used more often in photo editing and graphic design, where photos with high quality and transparent backgrounds are more commonly used. Hence, converting PDF files into PNG images could be useful for photo editors or graphic designers who need to use an image that was provided to them in PDF format.


Just like converting PDF files into Word documents, JPG images, or any other file format, converting them into PNG images is also important, especially for people who commonly use PNG images for their line of work. While there are only a limited number of ways to convert PDF files into PNG images, PDFBear ensures that converting PDF files into PNG images doesn’t have to be so difficult anymore.

With the help of PDFBear, it is possible and easy to convert PDF files that either have text, graphics, or images in them into high-quality PNG images that could be used for several purposes in just a few seconds. So if you are someone who needs to convert PDF files into PNG images, you can trust PDFBear to do this work for you.

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