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7 Online Tools for College Students for Acing Universities

College is not all that bad. You go to parties, meet new friends. Study at the biggest libraries. Create experiments and discover new things about the world and new things about you.

Of course, even if we admit it or not, we all need help to achieve a goal. In this case, is to graduate and create a career through learning and accessing your knowledge to the real world. Help comes from family and friends, but the tools in learning are always best when you know what you need for a specific problem in schoolwork or a project.

So welcome freshmen! Here’s to learning and diving into the unknown and excitement. But if you are worried that much, this is a list of online tools to help you through college.


1. PDF Tools

PDFs are very handy for keeping notes. This tool is very dependable when you need to keep your files safe or if you need your documents copied but secured.

This tool is highly recommended for your notes. You can customize them by merging your notes from last week to this week’s lessons. You can add pages to PDF notes when you have additional insights on the topic your instructor has introduced.

Most sites for converting PDF files are free. This is good if you are a student who needs to save every penny for your projects. PDF conversion sites are easy to use because they show step-by-step instructions to using their site with minimum effort.

2. To-Do List Applications

You must have a good task organizer app in your hands always. Organizers are really helpful when you are on the go with all your classes.

To-do lists are a way to organize your tasks. You can add every detail to it. Put the date, the time, subjects, and submission date for every task. You will need this especially when you have extracurricular activities to show good application to the company of your choice.

It is better to have an alarm or reminder on your task organizer. This way, you can be reminded whenever. Other applications let you snooze the reminder just in case you need to remember again after a few minutes.

3. Campus University Updates

You might be new to the region where you are now enrolled. But be afraid not, my friend, most universities offer applications every student is required to download on their mobile. This is a safe way to know about the university and all the news and updates around the campus.

The classroom is registered in the GPS of the application. You can find your building in no time with the tracker, nearby library, cafes, and even the teacher’s offices.


These applications from universities also offer a direct line of connection to your parents or guardians. Visitors are often allowed to enter the University’s site for their visit.

4. Mobile Reviewer

The internet offers tools that allow you to input information and generate flashcards, quizzes, practice tests, match games, and auditory tools.

If you need help in reviewing but do your best in your alone time. Let these tools on the internet help you. Some online tools allow you to review and access other students’ notes. And vice versa, you can add notes for other students. You are basically helping each other with the help of an online tool.

5. Interactive PowerPoints

There is one online tool that differs greatly from sites that offer PowerPoint presentations with just templates. This tool can grab your attention for presenting data and projects, which is helpful when you are trying to impress and to take that high grade.

Prezi is the tool that allows you to include images, videos, text, audio, with a wide range of visual and graphic creative options to choose from. The most distinctive feature of this online tool is it only has one big platform. The slides are made when you zoom in and out of this platform.

It is amazing to have this tool ready. Make your presentation simple and not wordy. Always make them listen to you and not read the presentation with you.

6. Grammar Checker

College instructors will demand a lot of your time to write essays and paragraphs. It does not matter what course you are taking, every learning experience will make you write a five-page essay about your lesson for today.

Grammar checker tools are downloadable and free. You can either use it online or offline. All you have to do is start typing down your words and the grammar checkers will check every word while you are typing.

The grammar checker will read your sentences as a thought and suggest minimal errors first. The checker will tell you wrong grammar, underline misspelled words, and alert you for suggested words that can replace a word in your sentence.

7. Online Notes With Other Students

Tools like this are just like social media, but in a smaller group and only for studying. When you find an excellent tool that your classmates can go online to interact and share notes to, keep it on your mobile at all times.


You can always ask your fellow students questions and ask for notes when you miss a class. These kinds of tools may just save you from your instructors’ mid-term exams.

Not for cheating, but for helping yourself and others. Remember, these student apps are for learning and not to take advantage of them in the wrong way.

Alumni’s Guide

Every part of life is a roller coaster ride; we go up at one point then down eventually to get to another point. There are pros and cons to every side of every decision made. College is not different in these kinds of situations.

But this is a generation of technology, and you can almost find anything on the internet. Use what you can use on the internet to your advantage. Be resourceful and make sure you make the best of what you are given. We hope this article helps you out in your studies!

Salman Zafar

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