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There are over 40 educational institutions in and around London. Thousands of students live in nearby areas while others are from other cities and countries. As a student living away from home, you have limited space available to keep your belongings. And sometimes, you need a safe place to keep them while you’re going on a break. Storage companies can help you to keep your valuables safe!

If you have never used a storage company in London before, you might be reluctant to try one. Maybe the stuff you want to store is too expensive or essential to you. Or maybe you have had some bad experiences.

So, in this article, I’m going to share the best storage companies in London. These credible companies offer great packages, 100% safety for your delicate objects, academic books, bulky objects, etc.


1. Bystored for Self Storage London

Founded in 2013, Bystored is the best storage company in London for students. It has served thousands of customers in different areas of London from the beginning. As a student, you can reach out to them for assistance at any time of the year.

Be it the summer holidays or a winter semester break, Bystored offers affordable packages for students. Students with varying needs can select the appropriate package and ensure safe storage of their precious stuff while they are away.

With Bystored, students can book their space online. Just tell them what space you want, and they will guide you.

You don’t have to worry about the transfer of your items to the storage place. Their team will load and transport all the items.

And when you want your things back, you can call them, and they will deliver them to your doorstep.

Here are the different packages company is offering:


The Lite package is the most economical of all. At £20.54/ week and £89/month, it gives you space equal to four large boxes or storage crates — each crate is slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase. The total space available would be 12 sq. ft.

Winter Package

Then comes the Winter package at £25.5/week and £109/month. It gives you a space equal to 8 crates, a total of 15 sq. ft.

A Little More

If you are storing items that don’t fit inside a crate and need more space, this package is for you. It gives you space equivalent to 15 crates at £29.17/week and £129/month. In terms of area, you’ll have 25 sq. ft available to store anything you want.

Store With Friends

This should be your go-to storing option if you want to save a few bucks. You get a space equivalent to 30 crates at £45.92/week and £199/month. In 50 sq. ft+, you and your friends can share anything from small objects to large ones.

2. Seven Seas Worldwide

Seven Seas Worldwide is another trusted name among top storage companies in London. As of today, they have served more than 5000 students from different institutions in London.

You don’t have to spend money buying packing materials or boxes yourself when you work with them, unlike many other storage companies.

And when you’re ready, you can call them, and they’ll pick the boxes from your place. You won’t have to spend any cash on transporting the boxes.

Just in case you have gone back home during vacations and need the stored objects there, the company can ship your belongings via sea or air.

No need to worry about COVID restrictions, the company itself processes custom and quarantine clearances. Furthermore, the company employs multilingual advisors to cater to worldwide audiences.

When you need your stuff back in London, you can call them, and they will deliver your belongings to your place.

They don’t offer packages with fixed quotes for weekly or monthly storage. If you want to get the best quote, you can reach out to them and tell them how much space you need.

The Seven Seas Worldwide ensures that its services are free of hidden charges. Pricing for local storage and international shipping will be clear and transparent.

You can store:

  •   Furniture
  •   Boxes
  •   Bags
  •   Suitcases
  •   Crates
  •   Electronic items

3. Safestore

Safestore started small in 1998, and today, with over 43,700 customers and 125 stores nationwide, they are one of the best student storage companies in London.

Safestore covers the whole of London with 47 storage facilities. These facilities are located in different London areas, so transportation of objects can be done with ease.

You can get a place in the facility that’s nearest to you. Or, if you want a unit in any other area, you can get one based on your preferences.

For safe storage of your essential things during the semester break or moving, you can count on Safestore to keep your belongings safe.

The company has both indoor and outdoor units. You will have permission to enter the store where your belongings are stored. But no one from the public can enter these stores. Each self-storage unit is secured with your padlock.

You can come and go during the opening of the house. Some of their stores even facilitate 24-hour access all year round.

They don’t have fixed prices or packages. You can store things for a whole month, or even for less than a week. Upon calling, they will give you any quote based on your requirements and the duration of storage.

The good thing is, they too let you store all kinds of small and bulky objects. You’ll have to specify to them how large you’d like your unit to be so they can give you the correct quote.

For the customer’s convenience, they have also made guide videos on their website. You can watch them and learn to calculate the space you’d need.

Here are some of the perks of choosing them:

  •   Competitive prices.
  •   Introductory 50% off for your first eight weeks for new customers.
  •   Facilities are covered by 24-hour CCTV and intruder alarms.
  •   Onsite car parking at many stores.
  •   DHL drop-off points at every store.
  •   Great discounts are available for long-term storing.
  •   No deposit or reservation fee.
  •   Flexible terms.
  •   Forklift trucks.
  •   Trolleys.

4. Student Storage Box

It’s a student dedicated storage service with a wide range of options to store your items. They offer three different types of boxes having different dimensions. However, each box can bear up to 25 kgs of load.

Book Box

This box is ideal for small heavy items like books, paperwork, files, etc.

Standard Box

This box is ideal for general medium-weight items like Printers, shoes, bed linen, etc.

Large Box

In this box, you can store large lightweight items like Duvets, teddy bears, skiwear, etc.

These boxes are made from export-grade stitched double-walled cardboard, so your belongings remain safe inside.

There are no fixed prices for weekly or monthly packages. You can get a quote based on your space requirements and duration.

Here are some of their unique selling points:

  •   Free student storage boxes and packing tape.
  •   Door-to-door delivery all across the U.K.
  •   You can use your suitcases for student storage.
  •   Generous weight limit of 25kg per box/suitcase.
  •   Student storage insurance of up to £100 per box/suitcase included in the price.


LOVESPACE is another service you can choose for safe and affordable storage. Their services are extended to the whole of Britain with different packages for individuals with varying needs.

Like all service providers on the list, they pick stuff from your doorstep and transport it themselves.

You can order their packing material or use any other. The company has no problem with that. Material is provided for free if you book their packing service.

They let you store as long as you want to. And there are no restrictions in terms of size. They cover all levels of content. You have to pay for the first month’s storage upfront.

The longer you agree to store, the bigger the discount you get.

They offer three different packages, Short Stay, Summer Storage, and Long Stay. However, there are no fixed prices. Pricing depends on the packing material you choose, the number of boxes, and other relevant factors.

6. Henfield Storage

Another reliable storage company in London is Henfield Storage. Not just excellent at providing safe and secured storage facilities, it’s also cheaper compared to other storage companies.

This family-owned storage business, apart from being low-cost, also provides free collection service. Customers won’t have to worry about the stress of finding a man and van to help them transport their belongings to the storage facility as it’s already part of the package. If you’re a business owner looking for a place to store your products, then Henfield storage is a much better choice than a warehouse facility since it’s more affordable.

P.S. If you want more options, you can check out storage units by SSO or IMS.


Never leave delicate contents and essential documents/books behind when you’re taking a break. Choose a reliable student storage company in London and stay worry-free during the holidays or when you are moving. It might cost you a few bucks, but it saves you from a hefty loss in the form of loss of documents or damage to costly items.

As a student, you should consider cost but choose the most appropriate solution for your storage needs. From the companies mentioned above, you can choose the one that sounds the best to you.

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