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3 Ways To-Do Lists Help Keep Your House Clean

Keeping your house clean may be a chore, but it helps in the long run. Dust and mold causes residents to get sick and sent to the hospital. You’ll also find similar results when you trip on your kids’ remote control cars or an expensive gadget. Needless to say, keeping a clean house isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s for safety. The problem isn’t because we don’t want to, but sometimes, we haven’t prioritized our list, need reminders to get our chores done, and that sometimes there’s just a lot to do. A great way to manage house cleaning to have a to-do list to help you get organized in keeping things clean.

Prioritize our cleaning chores

According to Northeastern University, workers waste 31 hours per month. That equates to 4 work days (8 hours per work day) that could have been spent elsewhere. This also happens when we try to get our houses clean, which means that we spend more time than we need to just to clean our house.

A to-do list would solve this by helping you arrange your cleaning chores by order of which is most important. Also, be sure to schedule in break time every so often and set your reminders for it as well.

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Set your reminders

Sometimes, we just need a gentle reminder to get things done. To-do list apps have built-in reminders that sets off an alarm when it’s time to do something. In this case, to clean up. If you have kids, they will forget to do their chores. Often, they’ll forget on purpose.

Aside from the usual parental supervision, they need a gentle nudge in the right direction with a reminder to clean their rooms and make their beds.

Breaking down larger chores into smaller ones

Does your backyard look like this? If it does, you probably don’t want to deal with it because it is overwhelming. You’re right. However, if you change your approach, then you’ll think differently. For Star Wars fans, you’ll remember when Qui-Gon Jinn (Obi-Wan’s mentor) said to a young Anakin, “your focus determines your reality.”

So instead of thinking about the whole backyard as a giant project, you can also think of it as smaller tinier chores that you can do easily. With a to-do list, you can break them down into smaller chores and make a checklist out of it. Then, that backyard does not look so intimidating.

ways to clean living room furniture


Professionals aren’t the only ones who benefit from a to-do list app. Smartphones are common today and Android phones can use to-do list apps easily. In fact, when while working on projects for a company, employees would often break large projects down into smaller tasks, prioritize which ones need to be done first, and have reminders for each task when they’re due. It’s no different from cleaning the backyard or the attic.

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