9 Ways to Enjoy a Sustainable Lifestyle Despite a Busy Schedule

Most of the people these days don’t even bother asking themselves the question, am I really satisfied with all what I am doing for making money? People are so preoccupied with their work schedules that, they often forget there are a lot more things out there to do than just making money. Being a money machine is easily understandable but you will hardly find any of these money-making machines of being content deep down inside.

If you’re someone who is struggling to maintain a sustainable lifestyle because of the tight schedules, maybe our advice will give you something to give a second thought to utilize your time appropriately. Here are few tips to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle despite a busy schedule:


1. Maintain a Morning Routine

Don’t rush in the morning. In order to remain calm throughout the day, you need to ensure that you’re starting off your morning well. The problem is, we start our mornings at a rocket speed to get ready for going to work on time. It doesn’t really help us to start our day with ease.

Having a morning routine is a superb way to start your day with something enjoyable like running, walking, gym or even drinking a cup of coffee while enjoying the fresh air of the day.

Morning routine could be a game changer for you. After waking up, try to organize your thoughts with the day. It will not only designate enough time for your projects but also force you to enjoy the downtime as well.

2. Prioritize Your Values

Setting up your core values is the most efficient way to make your busy life sustainable.

Make a list of your core values, things that are most valuable to you. Top few things should be most important ones. So as to achieve those, try to invest your time priority wise. Remove or give less priority to tasks that don’t match your core values.

3. Visualize Perfect Scenario of Life

Imagine the perfect picture of your desired life in detail. Get the realistic picture of that life and look for ways how you can achieve it. Eliminate things that don’t add any value to your dream.

Now things will get first priority and less difficult that you want the most in your life. Maintain your desired life goals and do things by giving priority on that.

4. Try to Say NO

Whatever you’re doing throughout the week, not all the activities are equally important to you. Is there anything else that you’d rather be involved in that would serve better to your personal needs?

Isn’t there something more prior to you than just sitting on a couch and watching television without any reason?

Stay very conscious regarding your choices for the week. Explore what your inside demands from you. It can be spending time with your family and kids, visiting an old friend or even going for fishing. Do what you really enjoy to do, that will help you to spend some quality time despite being a busy bee.

5. Make Time for Outdoor Activities

Find yourself time for some physical activities. It’s not always necessary to hit a gym, rather it could be anything even like hiking, swimming, running, walking down the street etc. Outdoor activities can help you stay fit and more focused on life goals.

sustainable lifestyle outdoor activities
Outdoor activities can make you more focused on life goals.

Keeping a sustainable lifestyle isn’t a luxury. For example, you can even go for cycling. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cycle for 5 kilometers. You will feel much better even going for a casual ride through a shaded road, or even picking up few groceries from the local store. For this kind of casual ride, single speed bikes might come very useful for you.

6. Spend Less Time on Social Networks

Are you someone who always checks the notification panel just after waking up in the morning? Then you’re most likely to be possessed with the virtual networks even in some unnecessary reasons. Don’t scroll down the feed while eating or talking to someone who is important to you.

Spend less time on social networks, if your profession isn’t based on it. And try not to check notification after 2 hours of waking up in the morning. Don’t go to the bed watching YouTube for no reason. Take care of these small little things, you will have more time to spend on what you really like.

7. Stick to Your Schedule

Be well organized with your plans. Use phone’s calendar or any other note-taking apps to help you plan in a more advanced way. These are less hassled and it also saves a lot of time.

The feeling of checking all the to-do lists and finishing in proper time is very pleasing. It will definitely make you more contented despite being busy.

8. Stop Pushing Yourself Too Hard

Pushing yourself to the limits isn’t something you should always do. Yes, being motivated to do anything is praiseworthy, but know your limits and dead ends which are sensitive if there’s too much pressure given on.

Be motivated, but not exhausted. You must pay attention to your core values too. Give yourself the most needed quality time.

9. Disconnect Yourself from Everything

In this age of superfast internet connection, it’s rare to spend more time offline than what time we spend online. And it might be the problem, even if you don’t understand. Give yourself some space.

Throw your smartphone away for a couple of hours and have a cup of coffee while staring at the book that you were planning to read for the last couple of months.

You can also go for exploring without even taking your smartphone with you. Enjoy the nature, spend some quality time with it. Let the sound of ocean reaching to the depth of your heart, without any interruption of gadgets.


To conclude, don’t get me wrong! Be busy and make money but don’t forget to spend some quality time with your loving ones too. You need to feed your soul. Ponder upon giving priority to things that you need most for your own good. Do things that you love most, so that you don’t easily get frustrated in this busy world.

Sophie Elise

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