A New Shade of Green: Sustainable Homes in 2023

The financial crisis brought upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for some new homeowners to cope with the adjustments needed. Although this may be the case, a fresh start is what some of us need to get out of the pandemic rut. Despite this need for a fresh start though, there is also a need to keep things on a budget.

When finding a new home for you and your family, scout around for the best deals you can manage. Get manageable payment plans by finding a home mortgage lender to help you based on your financial status.

In 2022, homes have slowly started to get more sustainable with the growing need for environmental care. After you move into your new home, there are lifestyle choices you can adjust according to your financial capacity as well as your need for sustainability.


Budget-friendly, Sustainable Homes

Sustainability has become a household term in recent years. There has been a growing movement regarding adopting a greener lifestyle at home or even when you are out and about. It may come as a surprise to some, but your common household items, indeed, have eco-friendly alternatives that you can choose to make your home more sustainable.

Here are sustainable home items and options to improve your lifestyle:

Reusable Items

The sustainable movement is very fond of reusable items. Anything that can be used only once is a big no-no for those trying to live a sustainable lifestyle. For household items that are often disposable such as paper towels, there are available reusable options. You can opt for reusable organic cotton dish towels instead of frequently replenishing your stash of paper towels. This will also minimize your grocery list to only the most essential items.

A reusable water bottle is something useful at home and also when you are outside. This is especially useful nowadays in minimizing the transmission of the virus when it is better to have your own drinking cup instead of using the cups at restaurants. Get yourself a reusable water bottle to avoid the increasing number of plastic bottles in landfills.


More Efficient Showerhead

An option that can reduce your water consumption and minimize your monthly water bill is a new showerhead. Opt for a showerhead that has a low-flow fixture to control your monthly water consumption. You can also try to reduce your shower time for a more budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly shower routine.

Energy-efficient Lights

In conserving energy at home, there are ways you can adapt to have a greener household. For those looking for a more sustainable way of consuming energy, now is the time to switch your bulbs to LED. These are known to be 90% more efficient, and they can last up to 20 years. You can reduce your carbon footprint and your expenses on bulbs at the same time.

Eliminating Phantom Energy

Make sure to unplug your devices when not in use. This applies to chargers, adapters, and even small appliances. Phantom energy can waste up to 10% of your home’s energy, so it is best to try adopting this practice in your everyday life.

While these are some ways to introduce green habits into your life, why should you care about sustainability anyway? Apart from reducing your monthly bills and expenses, the sustainability movement was born from the planet’s need for healing.

Why is sustainability important in 2023?

Individuals of great influence, including young ones like Greta Thunberg, have spoken up about the environmental impact of various carbon footprint elements. Many organizations have started campaigns and movements towards adopting a greener lifestyle. Through this, they have also introduced ways on how to make green living easier and cheaper for every individual.

Whether by individuals or by large corporations, implementing sustainable practices is needed for survival and for humans and nature to coexist in harmony.

Environmental sustainability is providing for the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations. Given this, sustainability does not only refer to environmental concerns. It also refers to sustainable practices that concern the welfare of humanity.


Shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle and learning sustainable practices is important in keeping the planet in good shape for generations to come. Climate change has been showing its consequences to the human race and nature. Now is the time for us to change our lifestyles to contribute to the betterment of the planet.

Having a new home in 2023 is a good opportunity for you and your family to start a more sustainable lifestyle that could benefit both the planet and your financial status. Be more mindful of your lifestyle choices so that future generations can enjoy the same blue sky that you look up to every day.

Adil Faheem

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