Things You Should Know About Diaper Pails and Cloth Diapers

Diaper pails – many don’t even know that there are special pails for baby diapers. Until you wind up the child for the first time and realize that you want to dispose of the used diaper as quickly as possible, if only because of the smell. In fact, choosing a high quality baby nappy bin is extremely important if the nappies are not to be disposed of directly outside in the trash can.

The smell impairment of a used diaper is enormous. This makes it all the more pleasing to have a diaper pail with a lid that is easy to operate with the foot, for example, and which keeps it “tight” and is also easy to clean. Here, a few euros in the purchase of a baby diaper pail may be noticed directly in the nose.

We have carried out the large diaper pail test for you and examined the current models from the various manufacturers for you. We found the top nappy pails on the market and presented them in a nappy pail top 6 list. In our evaluation, not only factors such as odor removal and usability but also the price-performance ratio and customer reviews were included.

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Diaper pail is easy to set up and handle

The construction of the Diaper Champ Regular and inserting the garbage bag is quite simple. First, the head section is unlocked using a button. Then the head is raised. An annular holder can now be seen, which is also unlocked by pressing the button again. The holder is folded up and the garbage bag is guided through the opening. The edges of the garbage bag are finally wrapped around the ring. The ring is folded down again and the head part is closed. The Diaper Champ is ready to use.


The handling of the Diaper Champ is also quite straightforward. The diaper is simply placed in the opening of the head part. Now operate the lever on the side of the diaper pail, causing the head to turn 180 degrees and the diaper to fall into the bucket. Another advantage is that the head can be removed and disassembled. In this way, the Diaper Champ can be cleaned very easily and thoroughly.

However, today, many families are rescuing the use of cloth diapers, which have resurfaced in more modern versions, with special fabrics, adjustment mechanisms and the possibility of being machine washed. In addition to being more environmentally friendly – it is estimated that a child will use 5,000 disposable diapers throughout their lives! considering a total investment, they are also more economical. “I was shocked when a friend sent me the average number of diapers that a baby wears up to 2 years old.

What are the options

The models called pocket to come with a pocket, where a cloth absorbent can be inserted. In that case, you need to put everything to wash. But there is a second model, with covers. They are placed on top of the absorbent which, in itself, is shaped like a diaper. In this case, only that last piece needs to be washed with each change. There are also dry pants, which are lined with plastic and serve as covers – but these cannot be machine washed.

The adjustment can be made either by an elastic that is inside the diaper or by an external system of buttons. And although there are numbers, just like clothes, there are also one-size diapers.

The variety of fabrics is wide. Most of the available models are made of cotton – with incredible prints, by the way. You can even put your pants on. Night diapers are usually made of soft, a more synthetic fabric with a flannel touch that does not absorb as much moisture and therefore holds the pee for longer. Another frequently used fabric is PUL (laminated polyurethane), especially on the covers. There are also dry fit options, which leave the baby more dry.

The closures also vary. They can be velcro or buttons. And believe me. the exchange time is no more complicated than it would be with a disposable diaper. There is only one detail: some manufacturers indicate that the diaper is washed a few times until the cloth reaches maximum absorption. Before that, some leaks can happen.

Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Even with the water used in washing, manufacturers guarantee that cloth diapers are still a more sustainable option than disposable ones. They are less likely to cause allergies in children and diaper rash, as there is less contact with synthetic materials and chemicals.


Disadvantages of Cloth Diapers

Instead of just throwing the diaper in the trash, you need to wash it. Poop needs to be rinsed promptly, which may not be practical depending on where you are. The initial investment is high. Thinking that a newborn baby uses 10 to 12 diapers a day, you need to have at least twice that amount to have dry, clean diapers every day.

How to prevent diaper rash in babies

If your baby starts to cry when cleaning and changing diapers, one of the probable reasons is the diaper rash. They are characterized by reddish lesions on the skin, with flaking, shiny appearance and, eventually, high spots (papules). The problem appears when there is no frequent exchange, which ends up allowing the poop and pee to be in close contact with the skin, compromising its integrity.

That is why it is so important to take care of the baby’s hygiene, changing it whenever it is dirty or every three hours. And, at this moment, the combination of cotton and warm water is still the best option, followed by the preventive cream, which acts as a waterproofing agent. Baby wipes are practical, but they have chemistry. Avoid using them on a daily basis and save them for walks.

How to clean the baby properly?

If the child’s bottom is very dirty, take it to the sink or shower and wash it with soap and water. For boys, the tip when changing is to place a cloth over the penis to avoid unwanted pee jets as soon as you open the diaper – in addition to lowering the skin that covers the foreskin to clean it well. In girls, cleaning should be done from front to back and never the other way around, to avoid urinary infections.

If diaper rash occurs, the treatment consists of restoring the integrity of the skin, which is done through sitz baths and the prescription of barrier creams associated or not with antifungal agents.

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