The Importance of Garage Door Safety for Children

Whether it is adults coming in in cars or children on foot, the garage door is a key home entry. This is the big reason why everyone should give much more attention to the safety of these entry points. Thus, garage doors should be made as safe as possible particularly for children. This safety is as good for your children as it is good for the whole family. However, if you feel the door is not in good condition, call any time for professional garage door repair in West Vancouver.


In this article, we look at a few tips on how to teach your kids about garage door safety.

Show Your Kids the Danger Zones

  • Spring system: the two commonly used garage door springs are torsion and extension springs. Torsion springs are located over the head of your garage door, while extension ones are above the horizontal tracks.
  • Photo-eye reversal mechanism: these are small electrical devices found on both sides of the door on the vertical tracks just about six inches above the floor. These door sensors are safety devices that stop it from closing on an object, animal or humans.
  • Lifting cables: these are high pressure cables that lift the door. located on both sides of the door, teach your children never to touch them.

Review the System

Take your time to go through the entire system with your kids and eliminate anything that would rather make them curious. Show them all the moving parts and warn them about the danger of touching or playing with any one of them. If you notice any issue with the locks for instance, choose safe mobile locksmith in Martinsville.

Remember to explain every component and their functions. Garage doors weigh from 60 to 180 kilos. This is too much weight especially if some of the components fail and it has to fall uncontrollably!


Show Them That Garage Doors Are Not Toys

Kids can get much interest in the moving parts, the door itself and even the remote controls of your automatic garage door. Emphasize to them that not any part of the door is a toy. Follow these tips:

  • Do not frequent the remote and control panel. In addition, ensure the keypad is located at least 5 feet above the floor. Again, keep the remote away from kids.
  • Explain to the children that it is safer to keep a distance away from the moving door, just in case something breaks.
  • The garage door struts tend to look more like a ladder. Discus with them the urges to climb and explain why it is more dangerous to even try climbing the door.

Ask older kids to take responsibility for their younger counterparts when near the door, passing, racing in or out, attempting to play with auto reversal and using remote controls.

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  1. This article serves as a good reminder for all parents to prioritise garage door safety and take necessary precautions. Thanks for highlighting this important topic.

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