How To Choose the Right Door Lock for Your House?

A quality door and a secure door lock are faithful defenders against intruders. But sometimes it happens that the landlord himself can’t get in. If that’s the case, you have to go to lock-opening services.

As a rule, the main reason why people go to locksmith in Langley is wear and tear of the lock. This mechanism needs regular prevention, which almost no one does. Average quality door locks are usually made for 8 years.

If the lock is worn out, it needs to be changed. Fixing comes out in rare cases. Although, of course, pre-masters better come and see for yourself what the reason.

What to do if you forgot or lost your key?

Can’t get home because you forgot or lost your key? Be prepared to prove that behind the door is hiding your home. If you don’t have your documents with you, you may contact your neighbors, concierges, janitors – they will check all your options. If the apartment is rented, you can call the landlord, even if it is rented without a rental agreement.

Which lock to choose for the front door?

The more protection you put in, the more likely it is that you will not be able to get home yourself one day. After all, even a simple mistake can cause the lock to securely lock the whole door.

If you are afraid of robbers, look at locks with a lot of armored plates. However, don’t forget that this doesn’t make your door impassable, it just takes more time and effort from burglars.


On the other hand, 50% of modern locks have special antilocking cores. Very often masters come when the owners can not open the apartment, and there is a piece of picklock in the lock. When the burglar tries to open the door, the device eats and breaks down – and he has to hurry away. After such a chip of the picklock is problematic to get out, and to fix the lock, it must be drilled.

When choosing the right door lock, pay attention to the security class. Each manufacturer develops its own security system against different types of burglary. The locks are tested in certification centers and depending on how long and difficult it is to open them, they are assigned security class. The highest class is the fourth. It is optimal if the door has two frames of different types of higher security class.

Protect the doors from children

It is important to remember that not only burglars but also children can hurt the doors. And the danger is not only in matches or hairpins, which a restless child can stick in the keyhole.

Often people install a night gate valve – an element that allows you to close the door without using the lock. But the problem is that it is impossible to open the door from the outside.

The solution is that the gate valve can be deactivated during installation. And then, when the child grows up, activate again. If you bought a door without a “night”, you can’t install it in the future. So it is better to buy a door with a night door and deactivate it until the child grows up.

Let’s sum it up

The door lock needs to be looked after and the foreman called as soon as you notice any functioning problems.

If you lose your keys and call door repair in Maple Ridge by experts to open the door, be prepared to prove that the place is really yours.

The right front door should have a security against force entry, i.e. a solid steel construction, and at least two high-end security locks that are difficult to open.

Choose door locks of the highest security class from proven manufacturers. When choosing a door, make sure that there are no elements in it with which a child can accidentally close in an apartment.

Salman Zafar

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