10 Tips for Furnishing a Small House or Apartment

Do you live small but still want to get the most out of your interior? Sishawa give you 10 tips, tricks and a good dose of inspiration to organize a small house or apartment in an attractive and practical way.

1. Furnishing a Small Living Room

A large living room is not for everyone. But that does not mean that we cannot furnish our small living room!

Essential to a small living room is finding a way to create space. An empty corner where you actually do nothing with, a function for example by storing your books and storing it. Multifunctional furniture is very practical in a small home and there is also plenty to buy in this area. Consider, for example, an extendable dining table, a sofa bed or a coffee table where you can also store things.

2. Furnishing a Small Bedroom

Setting up a small bedroom can sometimes be difficult. Your bed is the most important element in your bedroom, and you should definitely not surrender to this (also with a smaller bedroom) when choosing the right sized bed. Make sure your bed is spacious and comfortable enough, and important for a small bedroom: it is high enough. This way you can easily place practical drawers under the bed where you can store all your things.


With a small bedroom it is also important to choose the right wardrobe. Make optimum use of the height of your ceiling and choose the highest possible cupboard so that you can easily store all your clothes in your wardrobe. Also opt for a slightly deeper cabinet, so that you can store even more! Use occasional tables as space winners, which you can easily place anywhere!

3. Play With Light and Space

A small home cries out for light! Light colors in your interior will only enhance the natural light that you get into your home. Light colors reflect light, dark colors absorb it. All sorts of reasons to use as many light colors as possible in your smaller home! Create atmosphere with accessories in somewhat deeper and warm colors such as some cozy cushions or a hip rug.

4. Make Use Of Dividing Walls

To create the widest possible effect in the home, it is important to maintain an overview and tranquility by separating separate living spaces. Do not immediately think of placing a wall, but use a room divider or a beautiful cupboard to create a partition in the room.

Indoor plants or furniture are also a simple and easy solution to get the feeling that transitions in spaces have been accentuated without losing space. For example, place a sofa or armchair so that it forms a partition, or place some plants next to each other.

5. The Use of Glass and Mirrors

Do you want to tackle it in a big way? For example, place a glass wall in the home instead of a brick wall. This way the light comes beautifully through the whole house and you get the feeling of one big whole, while the living spaces are closed off anyway.

The well-known trick that really always works: placing a nice large mirror that makes the room look much larger. A huge wall-sized mirror can be placed in a strategic location, meaning that the living space becomes twice as large.

When placing the mirror, take into account the shape of the room and the light. Do you want to make your vanity nook look wider? Then place a mirror against a wide wall. Do you want to make the room look longer? Then place it against a narrow wall.

6. Floating Furniture

Floating elements or shelves are extremely practical and perfect for small apartments for rent in Tampa. For example, choose your own beautiful planks and attach them to the wall, for example with metal supports: original and practical!

Many pieces of furniture can also be made floating – for example, when you make a TV unit floating and remove it from the floor, you immediately create more openness and space in the home. And it also looks chic and sleek! A bookcase takes up a lot of space and you can replace it with different shelves and floating boxes. This way you immediately have an original storage system.

7. Using Your Floor

The floor can contribute to how spacious and light your apartment looks. When using the wrong color or material, for example, the space may appear much smaller. If you want the room to look bigger, use (almost) the same floor color as the one used on the walls. This creates a spatial whole and furniture will seem to float.

A handy tip is also to let the floor on one floor run through in different rooms as much as possible. If you would give each room a different floor, the space appears to be smaller. The omission of skirting boards between the door posts also gives a spatial effect.

8. The Right Lighting

The correct use of lighting is essential in the design, but especially when designing a small home or small apartment. Not every house is blessed with large windows, so if you do not receive a lot of natural light in your room, it is important to ensure good lighting.

home office design trends

You do well to opt for lighting on multiple levels, such as a ceiling lamp and a wall lamp, in combination with a nice floor lamp in the corner. The variation ensures that the small space appears to be optically larger.

9. Transparent Elements

Transparent furniture and / or elements are the trick for a spatial eye interior. The more you see, the larger the space appears. Transparent furniture is the perfect solution for this. In addition to being very stylish, you also create an airy and chic look in your home.

For example, go for a coffee table with a glass top, or a special transparent chest as a coffee table as above. Besides that it looks nice, it is also very practical thanks to the storage space in the chest!

10. Accessories

Accessories are the finishing touch in your interior, and a small space certainly does not mean that you have to make concessions when buying accessories. Subtlety is key when decorating a small home. Buy nice baskets or storage boxes so that your things can be stored neatly and stylishly.

Accessories are not only beautiful, but also functional. A wax melter from Devon Wick here, and some beautiful cushions in bright colors there: implementing a personal touch and your own atmosphere in your home is very important, but keep it simple and orderly.

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  1. I really liked this article, thanks. I come across plenty smaller homes during my work and the one thing I notice every time is whether the home owner has got the lighting right. As you mentioned lighting in the article, it really does make a big difference, not only area lighting but workplace lighting too…eg. kitchen work surfaces and work stations. Getting this one thing right is elementary in my belief.

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