7 Fashionable Tips From Designers For Renovation Of Your Apartment

Repairs are definitely expensive. After all, you need to determine the palette of walls, then pick up the floor to them, I would like to hang beautiful ceilings, to them lamps. And the plumbing, the electrician – it’s even a guard… How inexpensive it is to make repairs in the apartment? Calm down! Do not panic! Builders have invented some “chips”, which will help to update and modernize your nest at a reasonable price.

1. Instead of wallpaper, it’s decorative plaster

It is especially suitable for those who have small children or animals in the house. On this coating you can paint, smear plasticine, it can be scratched. Everything from it can really be cleaned and removed without damaging the appearance.


But mainly the plaster is durable. Mineral, for example, can last up to 30 years, silicone up to 60 years, and polymeric in general up to half a century. You can’t say anything about wallpaper. The most reliable will last 20 years at the most.

2. The ceilings are stretched

The question of choosing a stretch ceiling or paint occurs quite often. The main thing is that it was beautiful, practical, and also cheap.

Stretch ceilings can be installed in just a few hours – continues our expert. – The preparatory work is minimal, and after installation there is practically no dirt or dust. Under painting, the ceiling needs to be cleaned, primed and plastered.

In addition, a stretch ceiling made of PVC can prevent leaks and save from the flood, as it can withstand a lot of water. It does not require special care and is durable in use.

If you’re going to repair the roof, there’s no need to save money, just contact a proven staff, like roofing company in southwest Florida.

3. The optimal floor is laminate

It is quite difficult to answer the question “which floor is better”. It all depends on the budget and personal preferences. For starters, let’s consider all options.


Massive board – universal, suitable for almost any interior. Durable – up to 50 years, but acutely reacts to the microclimate in the room: temperature and humidity. Its cost reaches 9 thousand rubles per “square”.

4. We hide the toilet bowl barrels in the wall

Suspended toilet looks more beautiful than the floor one. All valves, pipes and so on are hidden in the wall into which the installation is built. And in that place you can hang shelves, wardrobe or towel dryer. This already gives the bathroom an aesthetic look.

In addition, a suspended toilet takes up less space, even though the installation is built into it. It is usually no more than 20 centimetres wide, while a normal toilet is further away from the wall, and its tank is wider.

5. We throw out the closet and make a dressing room

Most of the people in our country live in small apartments, where every inch counts. That’s why size issues are often crucial. Wardrobes are out of date. They are bulky, uncomfortable. You can’t go in them and change in front of the mirror. So it became fashionable to make dressing rooms in apartments.

6. Instead of chandeliers, they’re spotlights

This advice is useful only for those who want to save money. Big chandeliers will surely remain a classic forever. Wherever you hang them, the room will bloom in a moment. However, the prices are not too low. You won’t find anything less than a thousand rubles.


That’s why those who don’t have an opportunity to hang the whole house with good quality lamps – you can buy spotlights. But then again, you have to understand that they can be installed only on suspended ceilings.

7. Batteries are bimetallic

Bimetallic batteries are both good heat dissipation, light weight and elegant design. And if you correctly calculate the number of sections of the radiator, its power, they will serve faithfully for many years.

The main advantage of such batteries is that they can be adjusted independently. Is it hot in your home? It’s not a problem! I twisted up the valve and it got cooler. Or, on the contrary, it’s frosty outside. Once, I made it hotter.

Salman Zafar

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