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4 Outdoor Stairway Designs for Your Small Home

Some homeowners neglect the idea of outdoor stairway because of the limited space. This leads them to the perspective that they want to leave the backyard design the way it is. There is a perfect outdoor stairway design for every space and use. Some use it to ascend from the ground to the balcony while some use it to keep up with the sloping site. Regardless, your stairway design should harmonize the interior and exterior architecture of your house.

The outdoor stairway is not just a structural element for inclination. They are also the key to boosting the aesthetic design of your backyard. With the variety of designs to choose from, the perfect stairway design will fit even within a small space. Find the perfect spot in your backyard which needs a set of stairs.

1. Touch of Nature

The Touch of Nature is an outdoor stairway design which is a mix of sustainable and minimalist design. They don’t require much space since it’s a two-quarter landing staircase. It’s a gradual transition from indoor to outdoor space. They played with different materials such as cement finish, steel, and wood.

outdoor stairway touch of nature
The Touch of Nature

Instead of using stylish moldings for the railings, they used black steel bars for handheld support. The railings emphasized the vertical length of the staircase. They don’t look grand but it’s a simple way of designing your outdoor stairway. Instead of settling with an ordinary L-shaped stairway, giving it a twist will bring it to life.

They added vegetation on the side to create a natural accent color to space. Since they settled with the natural colors, the greeneries served as the centerpiece. You have to balance the presence of different neutrals with secondary colors. If you are up for an effortless look, The Touch of Nature would best suit your stairway design.

2. Step to Minimalism

The outdoor stairway design is as iconic as the one located indoors. You have to build the character of your home from the features that can be seen outdoors. The Step to Minimalism is an outdoor stairway design which doesn’t require many details. The steps followed the slope which made it look like it’s floating. It is in ivory color working well with the color of the greeneries. You can notice the harmony between the entry and the stairs caused by the lighting and color.

outdoor stairway minimalism
The Step to Minimalism

The Step to Minimalism exhibits how a simple design can bring life to a dull and boring stairway design. As you can see, they placed the steps in alternating spaces to create layers and accent. It looks like the steps are squeezed on the land. What we loved the most about it is how the slope of the site has been highlighted because of the stairway design. There is a sense of ingress on the outdoor design. They paved a way to the main entrance of the house.

3. Golden Stairs

Stairs have their own way of highlighting themselves. For limited outdoor spaces, The Golden Stairs is what we highly suggest. It boosts the width of the steps making it look wider. Notice how outdoor LED strip lights lead the household to the entry. With the right color and amount of vibrancy, you can see how light brought to life your outdoor stairway.

outdoor stairway golden stairs
The Golden Stairs

They also managed to use irregular rectangles for the steps making the layers visible. The linear lighting boosted the simple design of the stairway.

With cement-finished stairway, you will achieve the industrial design look without exerting much effort. They blend well with the landscape of the site and the interior design of the house. Space looks larger because of how the stairway was designed. They followed the curves of the greeneries to add an accent to your subtle stairway design.

Instead of using different finishes or materials, they used outdoor accent lighting to boost your exterior look. With The Golden Stairs, you get the simplest yet elegant look.

4. Helical Ascend

Most people are focused on how to maximize their spaces outdoors. Instead of using straight, 2-quarter landing, or curved stairs, they prefer helical staircase. On the image above, you have the view of The Helical Ascend. You can see how the materials harmonize considering its color, texture, and size.

Instead of using different wall designs, they utilized greeneries to boost the color and aura of your outdoor space. The stairway didn’t require much space in comparison to other stairway types.

outdoor stairway helical ascend
The Helical Ascend

You will notice how the courtyard transitions itself to the patio with the use of the helical stairway. They didn’t focus on the details or the material. They focused on the planning of your outdoor space more instead. The planning created a perfect space best for outdoor meals and activities. Unlike a normal patio or balcony, The Helical Ascend creates a path for the household and the guests to take. They maximized the presence of a small area making it look spacious.


Stairway designs could be a challenge when your outdoor space is limited. Don’t stress out. You have to build a connection between your outdoor and indoor spaces. Stairs are the veins of the house which connects the spaces together as one. It provides access to your indoor and outdoor succeeding floors. A piece of advice, don’t exaggerate your outdoor stairway design. Make it look as connected to the natural environment as possible.

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