8 Best Chandelier Designs For Your Home

Who doesn’t like to decorate their home? It’s the dream of every single person to make every corner of their home look beautiful and elegant. Just like you look for different accessories for decorating your walls or choosing attractive wall colors, you need to look for artificial lights to make your rooms look more stylish. Lighting is an essential part of your home, both artificial and natural. It helps in emphasizing the room features with the right accents. Without artificial lighting, your home looks incomplete.

Choosing a trendy and beautiful chandelier is obligatory when you are decorating your home. The dining room, living rooms are the main areas of your home that must have proper lighting and beautiful fixtures that make your home looks smart. When we talk about light fixtures, nothing can beat chandeliers. It is called the mood setter of your room. Before you decide to purchase a chandelier for your room, you must be aware of the latest trends, types, and designs.

The trends of using chandeliers in the US have relatively increased, and its export value is around 10.8 million British pounds.  Picking a right chandelier is all about picking the design that harmoniously fits your room and has specific lightening intent. We are sharing with you some of the best chandelier designs that will be a part of most of the homes this year.

Top Chandelier Designs For Your Home

Rustic chandeliers were very much in fashion during the year 2022.  Their unique and modern design makes your home look simple and sophisticated. Moreover, minimalism and eco-style chandeliers were also in trend. It was expected that some of these designs would continue to trend in 2023, but along with these chandeliers, some more new chandelier designs were introduced as well.

Here are some of these you should take note of if you are thinking of purchasing a chandelier.

1. High Tech Chandeliers

Just like these innovations are changing every aspect of our life, chandeliers also need to have technological features too.  These high-tech chandeliers are concise and simple that will look good in both large and small rooms. These chandeliers are not that fancy or shimmery. It is made up of various lamps with laconic geometrical shapes.

hi tech chandeliers

These geometrical shapes are made of metal with cold shades other than copper or bronze. This type of chandeliers will rarely have smooth lines. Plastic, metal, and glass are the most common materials that are used for making them. This high-tech style has completely discarded the old lampshades that have prints and patterns on it.

2. Saint Mossi Modern Glass Raindrop Chandelier

Another design that will be quite trending this year is named as raindrop chandelier. This chandelier will enhance the beauty of your room. It is designed with superior quality materials and lights. It has a modern pendant in it, and the raindrop style is given to give it a stunning look. LED bulbs and stainless steel are the most common material used for designing this type of chandeliers.

raindrop chandelier

3. Baroque Chandelier

This chandelier is considered as an elegant lightening fixture that is made up of crystal. It has a modern style with a bit of classic design. This chandelier consists of a large number of decorative accessories with a few light bulbs. These lamps have a traditional look that is decorated with bright elements.

baroque chandelier

It is advised to use this type of chandelier for bigger rooms that have high ceilings. It is mostly made of metal and glass. The ones that have a higher cost are made up of silver, mirror pieces, bronze, or wood. Baroque chandeliers are staged gentle curves and lop-sided lines that are united in their original forms.

4. Sky Bang Chandelier

It is another modern style chandelier that will be trending this year as well. It makes the room and furniture look aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. One of the most exciting aspects of this lightening fixture is its unique shape and design.

sky bang chandelier

The idea behind creating this sky bang chandelier was a fireworks explosion and abstract trees redolent. It is preferred to use this chandelier for big libraries, big kitchens, study, or work areas to enhance its look. It consists of metal knuckles at its center that is surrounded by six light bulbs of various lengths.  It is made up of eco-friendly sourced materials and is capable of recycling as well as reusing.  Since the word is moving more towards sustainability, then this chandelier will be the right choice for your rooms.

5. Soft Gold Chandeliers

Presently, for home decoration, people are more inclined towards buying soft color accessories or decoration elements. The most trending colors are beige, gold, and grey.  These soft gold chandeliers fall in the category of soft color lighting fixtures that complement the contemporary furniture of your rooms.

soft gold chandeliers

It is a combination of two colors brushed gold and brushed silver. These two colors bring out the mellowness and warmth of the golden shade, allowing it to blend with all kinds of rooms, accessories, and furniture.

6. Pendant Chandeliers

This is another modern chandelier with a classic look the interior decoration of your room. It has quite a complex structure; therefore, it must be fixed in those rooms where another light fixture is not needed.  This chandelier add has luxurious lamps hanged with chains called pendants. They are elegant looking and has been preferred by many people for their drawing and dining rooms.

pendent chandeliers

The materials used for constructing this uniquely designed chandelier includes crystal, wood, glass, metal, plastic, and textiles. Each separate pendant chandelier is nominated depending on the style direction of its bulbs.

7. Art Deco Chandeliers

Mid-century modern styles and art deco has been quite famous among people in the home interior. This chandelier is a balanced form of art that emphasizes unique style and clean lines. Art deco chandeliers have geometric motifs that focus on clear and concise lines.

art deco chandelier

It enhances the bright accents of your rooms. This is an artful lightening design fixture that is good at integrating strong geometric styles.

8. Linear Hexagon Chandelier

This is a minimalistic style chandelier that is a bit like a high-tech chandelier. It is simple, with very few decorative elements. In this kind of lightening chandeliers straight lines, ornate element as well geometric shapes are given preferences.

linear hexagon chandelier

It is mostly made up of minimalistic plastic, glass, and metal. This type and style will mostly loom good on the rooms that have hard flooring.


Selecting a good and attractive chandelier is as vital for interior decoration as looking for a wall color and furniture. These light fixtures are an extra source of lightening that enhances the room look.  The above-given options are the most trending ones that will be preferred by most of the people for the kitchens, living rooms, or bedrooms. These chandeliers are the most trending ones in 2023 but always choose the one that is according to your own preference.

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