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8 Home Decor Ideas for Soundproofing Your House

Be it the noise of garbage trucks or car stereos, if you are staying in an apartment or house, you must have experienced the havoc of noise. Loud noise can make you quite irritating and you must ensure that your apartment is soundproof so that you can peacefully do your work. Irrespective of whether you stay in an apartment or a house, you can use these soundproofing and absorbing hacks at your place.

1. Weatherproof the doors

Can you almost hear the chatter outside your door right from your sofa? Do you also get disturbed by the incessant noise of the outdoors and wish to get rid of it? Well, you can very well do it by simply sealing the leaks that are around your front automatic door. If you have a large gap under your apartment door, then you should consider adding a door sweep.

soundproofing your home

For extra soundproofing, you can also install one door sweep outside and one inside. The door sweeps not only help you in blocking the noise, but they will also keep the dust and moisture away. You can also use foam weather stripping as a solution to your problem. Learn how to soundproof a room and see why this is one of the best ways to do it!

2. Use multiple pillows

This is yet another effective tip that can come in handy for soundproofing your apartment. You can buy some extra pillows for your living room and bedroom as well. Pillows absorb sound and can tremendously help in reducing any noise. They also add a decorative appeal to your house.

Moreover, the fluffier the pillow the better it is. You can also go for bigger pillows as they will work better than the normal ones. Make sure you choose the size and look appropriately such that it goes with your existing decor well.

3. Avoid hard surfaces

Noise reflects when it bounces off the hard surface; this is why you should avoid any furniture or decor that is made of hard surface. You can cover the walls and ceilings with something soft so that the voice does not echo and it is absorbed into the material.

This way, even when you might be doing chores like using the vacuum cleaner, the noise will not be reflected. You can put rubber textile mats on the walls so that any noise is softened away. This is a very useful hack and while buying any new furniture, you should prefer that you go for options that are soft.

4. Buy a rug thick rug pad

You can save yourself from a lot of unwanted noise by investing in a good carpet. Usually, carpets can help to absorb the sound in the household. You can make it even more effective by buying a thick rug pad. Adding a rug pad will absorb 50% of the sound and it will no longer be reflected.


Not to mention, it will also help a lot in cases when you are moving your furniture and re-arranging the decor as most of the noise will be reduced. Invest in a good quality carpet and you will see the results for yourself.

5. Acoustic Panels

You can use acoustic panels if you have boards or fabrics that you can hang on the walls. Most of the acoustic panels are designed to avoid the noise from getting reflected from its surface. There are also some panels that also blocks rackets from coming to the room or window.

You can also install acoustic doors that reduce the noise by over 30 decibels. Its functionality is interesting and each door is made of sound muffling material. You can buy the acoustic panels and doors for your house and use them in the rooms which you think need it the most.

Pro Tip: How does acoustic foam differ from open-cell foam for soundproofing?

6. Soundproof Curtains

You can shop for soundproof curtains that will automatically reduce all the noise and will ensure that you get your share of peaceful sleep! It is rigid and you might have to put in some effort to open and close it but it works wonders.

If you cannot afford the soundproof curtains then you can try an alternative. All that you have to do is to add a curtain that has a lot of layers. You can also go for fabrics like cotton that absorb the sound and remember that the thicker the curtain, the better it is. As a matter of fact, pleated curtains are known to work way more effectively than normal ones.

7. Window Inserts

If you do not wish to compromise on the look of the window and still want to get the job done, you can invest in window inserts. These are nothing but clear panes of glass and sheets of acrylic that you install over your windows.

They are designed such that they create a seal around the window. This seal blocks the outside noise by 50%. This is a very good option for you if you are renting the apartment as you can very well take it out anytime you wish to.

8. Add a bookcase

Yet another effective idea to soundproof your apartment is to add a bookcase. Not only will the bookcase make your room look attractive, it will also absorb the noise. When you add new furniture, then you are reducing the likelihood of the sound getting reflected over the hard surface.

You can simply put together the shelves and stock them up with all the books and novels that you have to achieve the results. You can also buy bookshelves from the market if that suits your budget. Putting the books in a rack and placing it on a corner should also work.

Final Take

Thus, using these hacks and tricks, you can very well soundproof your apartment and house. Remember that choosing soft furnishings is the key and it will help you a great deal in blocking the noise. There are advanced options available such as opting for soundproof curtains and the likes.

You can choose what works the best for you depending on your budget and requirements. With the above-mentioned tips, you can certainly soundproof your space and keep it free from the annoying noise.

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