9 Tips to Perfectly Maintain Your Automatic Doors

We use automatic doors practically every day, but we are aware of its presence when it gives its first problem. To avoid this situation, we are going to give you some easy tips that will surely lengthen the life of your automatic doors and save you the odd headache. However, when it comes to sliding door repairing, it is better to delegate the matter to professionals specializing in sliding glass door repairs.

The control and maintenance of automatic doors are increasingly regulated by legislation. Despite this, as soon as your automatic doors give you a warning that they could seriously break down, you can contact our company immediately. We are talking about your own safety.


Read on for 9 tips to perfectly maintain your Automatic Doors and keep it in top working order.

1. Lubrication of Automatic Doors

You should first make sure that any possible door squeaking is not due to any broken parts. You have to check the friction systems like hinges, lock and latch to avoid noise and wear problems. These are the main points that you should worry about greasing since they are the areas where the motor and the door rotate.

Depending on whether these auto doors are sectional, revolving, sliding or swinging, the pieces change places and you have to know how to find them. However, in its installation, we can solve all the doubts you have.

However, we can not forget the arms, chains, counterweights and zippers of the doors, if any. As we said, if these points remain greased and do not dry, your automatic door would have to go smoother. Grease or a thin layer of petroleum jelly could be used as a door grease, although the latter is recommended because it is more durable, light and does not harden.

2. Prevent water from entering the seal and channel

There are not a few cases in which the control panels of the automatic doors are damaged due to rain or humidity. If it is mounted on the wall, you should be careful not to let water get into it, either through the screw holes or through the cable entry. Should this eventually happen, it would be wise to sell these door spaces with silicone.

3. Watch out for insects

If the water has entered the control box, why should insects or other small animals not? The heat generated by the current transformer attracts them. This situation usually occurs mostly in automatic sliding door motors, which, being placed at ground level, make it more accessible and if, in addition, the cable entry has been left below free, even worse.

You should seal the entrance, or place mouse poison in the area near the engine, although you are very concerned if there are children or pets in the vicinity. Beware of roaches and ants!

4. Frequently monitor the electrical panel of door

While the motor is running, you can see if some relays are scorched by their high frequency of use, but be careful not to touch them.

If you are familiar with electronics, you can also check other door components for damage to others, and you could request a replacement for your automatic door or contact repair service before the breakdown escalates.

In any case, the automatic door offers an excellent service both in the repair and in the delivery of spare parts for automatic sectional, swing, revolving or sliding doors, so you can contact us to replace or repair the door components that over time they would have been more affected.

5. Clean the surrounding areas of automatic door

Depending on the type of automatic door you have installed in your home or business, garbage and dust can accumulate to a greater or lesser extent. For sliding doors, we have to keep the floor guides where the sheets run clean, as they could cause jams or even door derailment and that is very dangerous.

At swing door, depending on the type of hinge and how it has been mounted, garbage can accumulate where the hinges are and cause the automatic door not to close properly.

At the swinging doors and in general, all those that have guides on their sides that have been previously greased may have accumulated a lot of dust over time and it becomes hard and causes the door to move slowly and hard. What we recommend is that you remove that grease and use liquid lubricants on overhead doors

6. Grease the doors every two months

This is one of the measures that we recommend clients to carry out if they want to reduce the breakdown of their doors considerably. In these cases, the consistent grease may not work because, over time, it can cause jams. However, spray grease, which can be purchased at any hardware store, works well in these cases.

The points where the sliding doors must be greased are those that facilitate the turning of the motor and the door. However, do not disassemble the motor and thicken the interior, since they have already been greased in their manufacture so that they do not get dirty

7. Check the condition of door springs

Over time, the springs can rust as they expand to close the door and compress when it opens and lose strength. The breakage of the springs is common and to avoid it, it is necessary to apply oil on them and verify that the springs have not lost tension and that they can be adjusted again.

8. Check that door panels are not damaged

If the door is sectional and automatic, check its panels and check that they do not have any dents on the surface. To change it, it is not necessary to change the door but to replace the panel, it would be necessary to contact professionals who have experience in all types of doors. It is not an expensive automatic door maintenance job, but it is better to avoid problems.

9. Controls for Automatic Doors

Due to the continuous use, we make of the object, it could stop working or occasionally fail, as many others can perfectly do.

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