What are the Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring looks just like solid wood, but underneath it’s a different story. There are many features of this type of flooring that make it a much better choice if you’re looking to update your home. It is environmentally-friendly and super sturdy, and doesn’t suffer with some of the drawbacks of a hardwood floor.

Keep reading if you want to find out what makes engineered wood flooring one of the most popular choices for today’s homeowner.

1. It Looks Just Like Real Wood

The engineered wood flooring you buy today looks just like real wood. It’s so well made that you’d need to inspect it really closely to tell the difference from hardwood. And even then, it’s going to fool the majority of people.

The engineered wood flooring available today, with its striking resemblance to real wood, often incorporates pressure treated wood in its layers for added durability and resistance to moisture and decay. This fusion of technology and traditional wood aesthetics ensures that not only does it look authentic, but also offers the practical benefits of pressure-treated materials.

2. Easy to Install

Engineered wood flooring is really easy to lay. Using a tongue-and-groove system, you can effortlessly fit the wooden boards together. You always have the option of calling in a professional to lay your new flooring, but if you want to save some money and time, DIY installation is possible.

3. Cost-Effective

If you’re worried about the cost of engineered wood flooring don’t be. The price is definitely not going to leave a gaping hole in your bank balance. Compared to solid hardwood flooring using wood such as maple, engineered wood is much cheaper to use overall.


Compared with some of the more common hardwood flooring, engineered does work out to be a little bit more expensive, but you’ll make savings in other areas. Engineered wood takes much less time to install, which is important if you’re paying someone to install it for you.

4. Durable

One of the biggest benefits of engineered wood flooring is that it has an extensive lifespan. The numerous layers that are used to make this type of flooring, and the veneer surface, make a material that’s very stable. This is the main reason why it’s so popular in high-traffic areas such as a kitchen. It’s also able to contract and expand, thereby outperforming all other types of wood flooring. Additionally, wood flooring suits well with a strong mattress foundation as well.

5. Low Maintenance

The best way to clean engineered wood is with a vacuum cleaner. A soft-bristled brush works equally well for cleaning up any dust and dirt. You then use a damp mop to clean it further. It’s less likely that moisture will damage it than a hardwood floor, but it can’t handle lots of water when you clean it.

Similarly, any spills are best cleaned up immediately, in order to reduce the risk of staining. This rule applies even if your flooring has been oiled and lacquered.

6. Long Lasting

Wooden flooring adds a certain warm look and feel to a home, but you want that to last as long as possible. A tired and worn floor does nothing to improve the style of a room. It’s possible to sand down engineered wood flooring if any scuff marks appear. However, when picking your flooring, make sure you choose one with a thick top layer, as this means you’ll be able to sand it more.

advantages of engineered wood floor

Once you’ve sanded out the scuff marks, it’s a simple case of refinishing and your floor will look as good as new. If you fancy a change, why not give it a brand new look by choosing a new finish?

7. A Huge Range of Options

The options for your engineered wood floor are almost endless. Whatever your preferred style, whether it’s contemporary or more traditional, you’ll find wood flooring to suit your style. And because the price range is so wide, it’s a flooring choice that caters for all budgets.

They can also make the boards much wider than solid wood flooring, and you won’t need to worry about breaking your budget. Because the boards can be much wider, fewer joins have to be made across the floor and you’ll install it in a fraction of the time.


Both chevron and parquet styles are available. Plank flooring, herringbone, and Versailles panels are some more options you might want to consider. This is a huge benefit because it means you can pick the boards with a style you want and complete your detailed flooring project in no time at all.

Engineered wood flooring might have been regarded as second best a few years ago. However, improvements in the quality of the product mean this no longer applies. The fact that the cost is lower and it is much easier to install definitely gives it the edge when compared to solid hardwood flooring.

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This article was written by Martin O’Callaghan of Wood Flooring Ireland who are have been providing the Irish market with Engineered Wood Flooring for over two decades.

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3 thoughts on “What are the Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring?

  1. The best part of your blog is when you said that engineered wood flooring has an extensive life span since they are made from numerous layers. My husband and I want to have our house renovated and our flooring replaced. It is important for us to make sure that our new flooring can withstand heavy traffic since we have a big family and parties are mostly done at home. This way, we can save more money in the long run. We will consider all your tips.

  2. I love how you mentioned that engineered wood is a great flooring option for kitchens and other high-traffic areas because it is very stable. My husband and I are trying to decide on the flooring we want for our kitchen in our ned house. We will have to invest in engineered wood flooring since it is quite durable.

  3. When it comes to floors there are a number of things that you need to factor in; children and pets tend to top that list! If you do have little ones running around then it’s important to consider the durability of the floor and the material itself to ensure that it can withstand a heavier footfall.

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