How to Make a Wood Floor for Your Metal Shed?

Constructing a wooden floor under your metal shed can provide a solid foundation for years to come. In fact, the easiest floor you can make for your metal shed is a wooden floor. Building your own wood floor is an inexpensive and fun project for the weekend warrior DIY types. Read on to find out how to make a wood floor for your shed.

Tools and Materials Required

First, let us discuss the kinds of tools and materials that will be needed to complete the home construction of a wooden floor of your metal shed. will include a tape measure, circular saw, clamps, hammer, combination square, work gloves, safety glasses, cordless drill, and or course drill bits. The required materials will be 2x6s, #8 2 ½ inch deck screws, 10d 3-inch nails, corner brackets, joist hangers, ¾ inch exterior grade plywood, pencil, and hurricane/seismic ties.

It is a good idea to gather up all these materials before starting the project to assure it goes smoothly. For some of the larger tools, ask a neighbor to borrow them or rent them from a local hardware store. Colonial Barns can help you build a top-quality shed for your property.

Cut The Joists

Make the four sides of the platform by cutting the 2x6s to the needed lengths. These are called the end and header joists. Header joists are the ones all the other joists are nailed into. Be sure to cut the end joists 3 inches shorter than the frame to compensate for the thickness of the header joists.


Build and Square Frame

Using the 10d 3-inch nails secure the end and header joists together. Place the frame onto the foundation and using a tape measure across opposite corners ensure that it is square. If not, adjust the frame until both diagonal measurements are even.

Attach Metal Hangers

To reinforce each joint, attach a metal bracket in each corner using nails. Use the hurricane/seismic ties to secure the frame to the skids. Be sure to recheck the corners to assure that they have remained square during the installation of these components.

Lay Out Joists

Every 16 inches mark the joist positions on the opposite header joists. Use a combination square to extend the line to the inside face of the header joists. At each mark center a joist hanger. On one side of each hanger hammer nails into the flange. This makes it easier to install the remaining joists.

Cut Joists

Cut 2×6 joists to the proper length and insert them into the hangers. Close each hanger and drive nails into the other flange on the header joist. Finish by nailing the hanger to the joist itself.

Lay The Subfloor

Place the ¾ inch plywood onto the joists. Be sure to trim the panels so the joints are at the center of the joists. However, you will want to stagger the joints, so they do not run into each other. To prevent the panels from buckling leave a ½ inch gap between the edges.

Attach the panels to the joists using #8 2 ½ inch deck screws. Using the screws every six inches for the edges of the panels and 12 inches everywhere else.

You Are Done!

Step back and marvel at your work for you are done making a wood floor for your metal shed. This can be an excellent project for those who are looking for a simple and affordable wooden floor for shed. If you have any questions, please contact us. We would be happy to help you create a floor that improves the usefulness and life of your metal shed.

Salman Zafar

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