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Must-Have Tools You Never Knew You Needed

From previously being bulky equipment inside one’s garage or toolbox, tools are now portable incarnations that can easily fit any car’s glove compartment. The evolution of these tools going smaller is a testament to how technology has found ways to make more with less.

Instead of highlighting pocket tools such as key-chain hammers and screwdrivers, the development of these hardware essentials has grown to a new form. Mixing both technological advancement and ingenious design, here are some must-have tools that are far from being just a smaller version of their hardware counterpart.

1. Multitool Credit Card

Multitool credit cards are popular enough that different brands have their pros and cons, depending on the situation. Most cards often have a standard function that includes at least the following tools:

  • A metric ruler
  • A bottle opener
  • Different screw edges
  • Different wrench sizes

Other brands have attached spear tips or knife edges for cutting or scraping. With a number of these multitools made from stainless steel in a card form that can fit anyone’s pocket, it’s the multitool’s compact nature that makes it viable to take anywhere. The multitool credit card’s sleek and modern design can soon trump the swiss army knife’s position as the handy, all-around must-have tool.

2. Headlamps

Their use is mostly for situations that call for both hands to be preoccupied, such as setting up tents at night. Finding one’s way in the dark has never been easier, as you don’t have to hold a torch or use your mouth to hold a small flashlight. Headlamps are incredibly compact and light, with modern models operating on LED lamps that are rechargeable for eco-friendly efficiency.

Depending on their beam type, headlamps offer varying levels of luminosity. Most models have a run time of over 30+ hours, but their maximum effectivity is at around two hours or so. The remaining hours of power are similar to the low lumens identical to those of moonlight.

3. Lockpick Set

Not everyone is prepared to lose a key during an emergency as, sometimes, duplicates are also not present during the situation. So why look for a locksmith when it will be easier to do things yourself?

must have tools

Picking a lock is a life skill that has a lot of practical uses, from breaking out of an emergency scenario to simply testing the integrity of locks. Contrary to pop-culture representation, lockpick sets are easily available in the market. Finding lockpick sets is easy as you can get them directly from sellers who ensure their high-quality equipment is purchasable to any preppers for emergencies.

4. Thermal Leak Detector

When it comes to home renovations, not all tools for every project are easily accessible in a toolbox. Preparing for the cold and rainy seasons means making small repairs here and there around the house. As wear and tear gradually break down any home, yearly renovations and installing insulation have become a routine.

Thermal leak detectors save you money from paying for installing insulation around your home. Being able to assess your home’s insulation without having to feel for gaps or cracks can make any home refurbishing project a hundred times easier. Thermal leak detectors cost under $30 for the cheaper models, and those are enough to navigate through your home to check for warm and cold spots.

5. Heavy-Duty Cordage

Cordage is essentially any material that is similar in function to a rope. Its durability and elasticity depend on its mixture of natural and synthetic materials. Different kinds of cables have different functions and are fit for specific situations.

Though ropes have different pros and cons, choosing a versatile material can save you good money. Having a reasonable length of nylon double-braid rope fit for harsh weather conditions can be the answer to various rigging and packing needs.

6. Telescoping Magnetic Wand

Building projects at home or even in the wilderness can be a pain, with small metal parts getting lost or accidentally slipping away. Magnet-tipped rods have become the repairman’s best friend especially as it helps people who don’t have the best posture or eyesight.

Its telescoping function allows the user to avoid bending down to feel the ground for any lost nails or screws that may have fallen.

Salman Zafar

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