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4 Top Cordless Tools to Own For DIY Projects

electric nail driverDoing some minor repairs and maintenance in your home by yourself can help you save a lot of money. All you need is an arsenal of tools and you will be good to go. Every DIY enthusiast must own a few basic tools, and cordless version will be an added advantage. The tools come in handy when you want to handle some home projects by yourself.

Although you have the option of hiring them from your local convenience store, owning such tools is usually the better option. For a start, it’s economical due to the fact that you buy them once and for all. Majority of these tools are built to last more than a decade. The other advantage is that you enjoy the privilege of using them at your own pace which in return allows you to use them at your convenience.

Below is a list of top cordless tools that you must have in your home to be able to undertake DIY projects.

1. Saws

There are different types of saws. Since owning every type is an expensive affair, you should only buy the most commonly used types of saw. The first type is the traditional model that is operated manually by running it back and forth. This one comes when you need to trim some overgrown branches in the garden. The saw can also be used to cut pieces of wood. The problem with this type of saw is that it can only make vertical and horizontal cuts.

You can counter such a shortcoming by investing in a circular saw. Cordless mini circular saws are very useful when you want to make contour cuts on wooden work pieces. This is because the blade is specifically designed for such complicated cuts. They are highly portable due to their compact design.

Another very important type is the plunge saw, sometimes referred to as a track saw. A plunge saw is a type of power tool used for cutting and trimming materials. It allows for precise, accurate cuts by allowing the blade to be plunged into the material. Plunge saws are commonly used for cutting wood, laminate, and other building materials. The most popular model is a Taurus plunge saw. The depth of the cut can be adjusted, making it ideal for bevel and angled cuts. Plunge saws come in both corded and cordless models, providing versatility for various job sites. The Taurus manual is a useful resource for safe and effective operating and maintaining a plunge saw. The manual includes safety instructions, parts diagrams, and step-by-step instructions for using the tool. It also provides troubleshooting tips and maintenance guidelines to extend the life of the saw.

2. String Trimmer Mower

Unlike the popular type of lawn mower that rolls on four wheels, this type is supported by a belt that’s tied around the waist of the user. It’s equipped with handles and a long wand that helps the user to position the cutting blade. The trimmer is very useful for cutting tall grass in gardening.

Due to its simple construction, the tool can be easily carried around. Besides that, it requires minimal maintenance. This is because it only has a blade that’s powered by either a battery or gas.

3. Cordless Orbital Sander

An orbital sander is needed for smoothening wooden surfaces. It’s your ultimate partner when you have a small wooden project. The cordless model is highly recommended because it enables to go as far and wide as you wish. With a corded orbital sander, you are limited by the length of the power cord.

cordless circular saw toolsfirst
Cordless mini circular saws are highly portable due to their compact design

The advantage of using this type of small sander is that you can work on surfaces that can’t be reached by a giant sander. The sander is powered by a rechargeable battery that has an extended lifespan to ensure that it doesn’t go off when you are working on something.

4. Nail Driver

An electric nail driver is more efficient than the ancient hammer. It drives nails into wood at a much faster speed and is less noisy. It also reduces instances of injuring yourself when working with nails.

With such a tool, you can repair the wooden deck in a matter of minutes by fastening the pieces of wood with nails to prevent them from parting away from the rest of the floor. You can also use it when constructing wooden structures or when mending the fence.

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