6 Reasons to Use a CCTV Drain Camera to Fix Your Pipes

Plumbing problems can typically be solved with a plunger. However, for tougher problems, you might need a snake, which can slide through the pipes and dislodge thick blockages. When snakes do not work, you might need to use a camera. Using a CCTV camera, for instance, you can see exactly what is going on within your pipes. Here are 6 major advantages of using a CCTV drain camera to fix your pipes:

1. Protects property

Before the advent of the CCTV drain camera, you most likely would have had to have a portion of your yard dug up to allow for a visual inspection of the problem. Digging up your yard can result in extra expenses that can include repairing your lawn or removing bushes or trees that were damaged in the process.

However, CCTV has eliminated this older practice. This non-invasive method can significantly reduce the likelihood that your property will need to be dug up to locate a problem in your sewer system.

2. Safety

Because CCTV cameras are remotely controlled, inspecting pipes can significantly reduce any risks that you might experience using digging equipment. Additionally, you are not exposed to the possibility of breaking a gas line, which could result in severe personal and property damage.

3. Reduced cost

The use of CCTV equipment allows professional operators to ascertain the exact location of a problem in your pipes. Moreover, they can do so without causing any unnecessary destruction of your property. Additionally, the time that used to be required to locate an issue within a sewer system is significantly reduced by the simple addition of a CCTV drain camera. This reduced time translates into lower fees.

4. Easy

Gleaning information about your pipes is generally difficult, However, CCTV gives professionals the easy capability to analyze and record the problems in your pipes. More importantly, they can see the actual problem on video, and in some instances, they can hook up speakers and listen to any problems.

Additionally, many CCTVs have extremely powerful LED lights that provide crystal-clear visuals. Some cameras can even zoom when needed. Finally, some CCTVs can scan the pipes for an even higher level of detail.

cctv drain camera

Access to such detail allows for a more in-depth understanding of the issue. All this technology is very precise and seems very complicated. However, the camera is housed in a water-tight container at the end of a pliable hose. This hose can easily be slipped into a pipe and threaded throughout your plumbing system. It requires no digging, no struggling with metal snakes, and no guesswork. All a plumber has to do is watch the viewscreen.

5. Multi-purpose


The use of CCTV drain cameras to inspect your pipes is commonly used to locate and identify the source of a clog. Clogs can be caused by a variety of things, such as food, debris, and hygiene products. These types of blockages present different types of problems. However, a CCTV camera gives a plumber a complete understanding of the problem. This, in turn, helps the plumber select the right tool to clear the blockage. Finally, the plumber can ultimately help you come up with a plan to prevent future clogs.


Because broken or improperly installed piping could be causing the issue, a different approach may be needed to properly address the problem. For instance, tree roots are a common cause of blockages that break pipes, and the use of a CCTV camera can accurately pinpoint the location. Because roots must sometimes be dug up and removed manually, the camera affords the ability to identify exactly where people must dig. More precise digging decreases the damage caused to your property, saving you money.


Finally, a CCTV drain camera can be used to locate a lost item that has fallen into the drain.

6. Proactive

Because piping does not last forever, a CCTV inspection of your pipes is important as it could reveal a small issue that has the potential to turn into a rather expensive mess. For instance, minor corrosion in your pipes is not always readily apparent. However, corrosion can lead to leaks or even major breaks in the future.

A camera inspection helps stave off any potential damage to your piping. That said, it is not recommended to conduct this inspection by yourself. Instead, you can conduct an online search for “Brisbane North plumber” and locate a qualified professional who can inspect your piping. Addressing small issues now can help save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.

Salman Zafar

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  1. I like that you said that drain video inspections could accurately pinpoint what”s causing blockages to fix them efficiently. Our kitchen sink has been clogged for about 24 hours now. It’s a huge inconvenience for everyone, so perhaps it’s time to contact a drain video inspection service to check what’s causing the blockage. Thanks.

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