5 Ways to Handle Pipe Burst at Home

When pipes experience too much pressure, there is a chance that it bursts. This can be disastrous for homes as it can result in flooding and other issues. If some parts of your piping system at home burst, these five things will help you in fixing it.

1. Contact a plumbing services provider

If you have no experience at all in fixing burst pipes, it may be best if you have a plumbing service take care of the problem for you. Today there are many experienced people who are starting plumbing businesses, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a good plumber. These plumbing companies usually have the needed tools and experience to repair the pipes. Also, you are assured of a decent level of service, too.


For homeowners and people who are experiencing difficulties because of a burst pipe, you should have an HVAC and plumbing company in your home.

2. Shut off water and electricity

One of the first things that you have to do when you find that your pipes burst is to stop the water, the water heater and electricity. Go to the main water service pipe, which is usually located under the kitchen sink.

You then need to drain the pipes by running the cold water and then the hot water to get rid of the water supply. This will help flush out any other blockage in the pipes, and it will help stop the leak.

3. Remove water from the area

When you see a leak due to a burst pipe, you should act on removing the water in the area immediately. The presence of moisture inside your house, especially in the regions that are not exposed to the sun, may result in the buildup of mildew and mold.

This can have disastrous effects on your home, which you could feel for the years to come. A wet vacuum, some mops and a few towels may be needed for you to dry it off completely.

4. Inspect pipe damage

If you have the time, you should totally try to check which part of the piping system has the leak and damage. This will help you assess on the next steps you will take based on the size and extent of the problem.


If the damage is on a primary water pipe, you might want to contact a plumber already, as it might need more effort and time. For smaller tubes, you can patch it up with commercial tape and chemical bonding agent until a plumber can check it.

5. Prevention is better than cure

As cliché as it sounds, prevention indeed is better than cure so the moment that everything is fixed you should do things that will prevent the burst pipes from happening again. For example, you should pour hot water on your drains every day during the winter season to stop ice from forming in the pipes.

You may also want to set the thermostat at a constant level inside your home to stop ice from forming.

Many factors contribute to pipes bursting. There are just as many things you can do to fix them, as shown in this article.

Salman Zafar

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