Why the Elderly Need a Lightweight Vacuum?

When you are becoming elderly, or if you are concerned about a loved one who is elderly, the reality is that old people really do need to consider the kind of vacuum they are using. This is due to the fact that the life of an old person changes in relation to health, flexibility and strength. As a result, it is imperative for a senior citizen to have access to a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight.

A good option concerning a vacuum for elderly is the Shark Rocket HV382, which is a high-quality upright vacuum. Thus, we will look at this model in closer detail. But first, we address why the elderly need a lightweight vac.


Why the elderly need a lightweight vacuum

  1. As seniors are facing a different stage of their lives, they are not able to push or pull objects that are heavy. Many regular vacuum cleaners are much too heavy for the actual level of strength of senior citizens. Many seniors find such vacs to be difficult to handle.
  2. Lightweight vacuums are much easier to handle, as they do not demand as much effort in exertion during usage.
  3. Old persons often live in a space that is not as large as their former home as many seniors downsize to smaller homes, condos or apartments. That is why it is ideal to have a not heavy vacuum that is much more compact, as it will not take up much space in the smaller space.
  4. Also, older people frequently have back troubles or arthritis in their hands, legs, backs and feet. With the usage of a lightweight vacuum, the elderly will not experience as much pain and difficulty.

Features of Shark Rocket HV382

Shark Rocket HV382 comes with a cord that is extra long to allow you to clean a large space without having to unplug the cleaner often. This machine is super light, which will make all vacuuming chores much faster to complete in comparison to the usage of a heavy one.

vacuum cleaner for elderly

Shark Rocket is designed to provide high-quality cleaning for all areas of your home. In addition, it works well when you want to clean your vehicle. Truly you will be pleased with the performance of this model every time. It is powerful and comes with DuoClean technology via the provision of dual brush rolls to ensure that no dust, dirt or debris get left behind.

The vacuum weighs only ten pounds to make it easily manageable for most old people who are able to perform some chores. Moreover, it also conveniently converts to handheld vac. This will allow you to clean ceilings and high areas.

Shark Rocket HV382 possesses undeniably powerful suction, which will give you the peace of mind that your carpets and rugs will experience a truly deep clean.

You have read some helpful information about the Shark Rocket HV382.


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