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Organic Cleaning Products for a Better Tomorrow

Body disorders and deficiencies are not caused overnight in human beings. Over a period of time when someone keeps ingesting chemicals in very low quantities the body just fills up which results in the malfunctioning of the vital organs of the body that gives rise to various problems inside the human body. Organizations like eco store along with a few others have a simple logic – prevention is better than cure.

Doctors and healthcare personal might advise you about the food you need to eat and the kind of food you can’t eat however they cannot control the quality and the amount of chemicals you might ingest with the food particles you might take up with the food.

organic cleaning products

How chemicals enter food chain

There are numerous ways that harmful chemical enter the food chain. First and foremost reason is the spray of pesticides and insecticides used on fruits and crops to prevent them from the attacks of insects and microorganisms.

These insecticides and pesticides get deep into the fruits and crops since they are water soluble and reach almost every part of the plant via roots and branches where the insecticides and pesticides are sprayed. No matter how much you wash them from outside traces of inorganic chemicals that will damage the human heart, kidneys and liver will stay there.

These chemicals do not harm a human being overnight but keep accumulating and will show their results in the form of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infertility and a few other disorders.

Secondary reasons

Untreated metallic and chemical waste from industries enters water sources which might form a catchment area for drinking water or even a water feeding source for cattle or poultry. Once the metallic and chemical waste enters the bodies of poultry it is quite obvious that is is going to end up in side human bodies within a short span of time.

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Your health is your own responsibility

A few chemicals used in the dishwashers, soaps and washing powders although not fatally harmful but in case it enters the human food chain, which for obvious reasons enters can ignite a series of reactions that might trigger the onset of bigger health issues for human beings. Looking at the data there has been a sudden surge in the number of people suffering from cancer and cardio-vascular disease.

This can be attributed to the fact that we look for more shiny and sparkling utensils which means stronger chemicals. A lot of chemicals used in washing powders and dishwashers are not biodegradable and have a long lasting effect on the human body.

Securing health is in your hands

It is easy to blame the present day government, the past generation, the industrial revolution and various other reasons for the rising addition of toxic materials in the environment. Instead of playing the blame game, we as human beings can and should stop the entry of these harmful chemicals from entering the food chain.

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Caprylic acid is naturally-occurring fatty acid that has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties

Organic food products and organic lifestyle is the answer to stop human beings from ingesting harmful chemicals and lessening the pressure on the already fragile healthcare system

Back to organic

Organic cleaning products such as organic dishwashers, organic detergents and organic soaps have a major role to play in the well-being of human beings in the long run. Since all these products are made from organic ingredients which makes them biodegradable. No traces of their ingredients will ever be found in the soil or water.

Major hazardous chemicals enter the food chain via water and soil since absorption inside plants takes via the roots where soil and water forms the major carrier. Water flowing from the drains of homes generally flows out and will reach the underground water and even natural resources of water via seepage or even due to a faulty drainage system. From here if we have used any inorganic or harmful chemicals in our kitchens or bathrooms they are going to come back to us.

Parting shot

It is high time! We need to invest our time in research and development of organic foods, organic kitchen products and organic clothes. This will surely bring down the budget being allocated to the research and development of various medications and treatment procedures of various diseases and disorders plaguing mankind.

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