How to Make Your Relocation an Eco-friendly Exercise?

Carting stuff around while moving may mean expending lots of fuel and emitting many pollutants. Moving all your stuff can also cause a lot of clutter if you are not too careful while moving. It may hence be quite inherently unfriendly for the environment.

Relocation is challenging task that drains you of your energies, and causes unnecessary waste to get piled up. If you are planning to move soon, how about making your move eco-friendly, cost-effective and simpler?


Here’s all that you need to do, for making your move simple and cost-effective. Make sure you follow them all, whenever you plan a move.

Don’t be the ‘Pack Rat’

Moving drains you emotionally, so the idea of leaving behind all your possessions can be emotionally upsetting. This however, does not mean that you pick up all your trivial items with you while relocating. Moving less stuff shall always be a lot easier and cost-effective. This shall also benefit the environment, as less fossil fuel shall be needed for moving less stuff.


Charity Starts from Home

How about adding a charitable dimension to this move? Why not donate some of your usable items or gift them to your friends? You may consider disposing of these items, but I hope you know that non-biodegradable items usually move to a landfill, where they go on to contaminate the soil and water.

If your refrigerator is stacked with some perishable goodies, consider giving them away to kids, neighbors or some of your friends. If charity is not really on your mind, consider selling off these items. You may probably just earn a few bucks extra which could later be included in your moving expenses.

Get Rid of Toxic Items

Certain household items, like cleaning products, paints, antifreeze and repellents can be quite toxic. Disposing off such items properly is a prerequisite while making a move. Make sure you contact your local EPA to find out where and how to dispose them off. Some of these items can also be recycles. Proper disposal and professional recycling of such items can be quite beneficial for the environment.


Plan Ahead

Planning the move in advance will minimize the complexities of your move. You will be able to evade a lot of trouble, and go about planned removals and storage of most of your important items. Are you missing out on some serious and essential green moving advice? Read along to know some secrets of making a simple and cost-effective green move.

Trash can be a Treasure

Instead of spending money to buy expensive packaging materials, you can now look out for neighbors or friends who have recently relocated. Most of them throw away their cardboard boxes and packaging materials.


You can use these disposed materials to your advantage and make maximum use of them. Use these boxes and packaging materials and recycle them later on, or donate to others who wish to move later. Make sure you make maximum use of your existing resources, before you buy anything new.

Eat your packing materials

How about recycling your packing materials by eating them? You heard it right; you can now eat your own packing materials. Troubled by the increasing amount of wastage while relocating, most companies have now started experimenting with edible packaging materials.

Made of polysaccharides, these edible packaging materials are a new means for recycling and preventing environmental pollution. If at all, you need to invest on anything, make sure you buy these items. It could undoubtedly pack your stuff, and later feed you when you are famished.


Relocation, an ineluctable process, causes many problems for us and the environment alike. Contrary to the common notion, eco-friendly relocation is quite cost-effective and simple. Making a green move shall not only benefit the environment, but will also help you save money and time.

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