5 Tips to Make Moving House in London a Memorable Experience

Moving house in London may mean spending a good deal of fossil fuel, in addition to causing a lot of clutter if you are not too careful in handling your stuff. Relocation is a difficult task that consumes a lot of your energies and pile-up of unnecessary trash. If you are planning to move home in London soon, it is essential to make your relocation environment-friendly and cost-effective. Below are 5 simple tips which you should follow whenever you plan to move house in London:

Leave behind unnecessary items

Moving less stuff is a lot easier and cost-effective which means picking up all your possessions is not a good idea. You may leave behind unnecessary and trivial items while relocating to a new house as it will benefit the environment as less fossil fuel will be required for carting stuff around. Additionally, the new owner may appreciate your gesture as he would be able to reuse many of the items that you have left behind. You are also likely to save on moving cost if you’ll get rid of unnecessary stuff.

Think about the poor and the needy

You may transform your relocation into a philanthropy and relations-building exercise as well. The usable items can be donated to worthy organizations. Many charitable organizations collect furniture, mattresses, cutlery and food items at their own cost. You can also gift some of the valuable items to your friends and colleagues.

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In case your refrigerator is stacked with perishable goodies, you can throw a mini-party and invite your neighbours and your friends. If charity is not really on your mind, you may auction the unwanted items and earn a few bucks extra to partially cover moving expenses.

Discard hazardous stuff

A typical London household possess several household items that are hazardous for human health as well as for the environment, including cleaning products, paints, antifreeze, pesticides and repellents. Such items should be safely disposed before relocation. The local environment protection agency or a specialized hazardous waste management company will tell you where and how to dispose the hazardous household stuff in an environment-friendly manner

Value from trash

Packing is an integral part of moving and a lot of money is spent on buying cardboard boxes and packaging materials. It would be an attractive option to lookout for your neighbours, friends or family members who have moved in the recent past. Most of the people dump their packaging materials in municipal bins after moving in to their new homes, and you can make the maximum use of the discarded materials and recycle them afterwards. Make sure you make maximum use of your existing resources, before you buy anything new.

Choose green packaging materials

The growing interest in green living has generated increasing awareness about green and eco-friendly packaging. Common packaging materials such as cardboard, paperboard, and plastic can be reconstituted, and create new items.  You may try to find packaging suppliers who build their boxes out of recycled materials. Interestingly, several companies have now started making green packaging materials which are made of polysaccharides, corn starch or bamboo.


To sum up, moving house is very difficult to avoid in modern times and may cause personal problems as well as negative environmental impact. With advancement in technologies and product design, it is now possible to make moving simple, cheap and environment-friendly. Choosing a good removal company in London will go a long way in transforming your relocation into a memorable exercise.

Salman Zafar

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