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Tips To Consider While Moving To A New House During Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak seemed to have taken a backseat last year towards the end, but it is back this year. With the recent surge in cases, the second wave is much stronger, and life once again has come back to a standstill. In these challenging times, what if you have a home relocation planned? It would have been great if you could postpone it, but if that isn’t the case, you must carry out the shifting very carefully, keeping all Covid-19 protocols and norms in mind. Reputed and reliable packers and movers in Hyderabad can take care of everything, but you should also be extra strict about maintaining the safety guidelines for the wellbeing of your family.

More importantly, beware of the fraudulent companies that use the tag of Leo to capture the customers. Make sure you choose one of the most trusted packers and movers.  It is essential for one to verify with the website and our helpline before requesting for a quotation from the fly by night companies. Before you hire them, make sure you check if they carry necessary documents and if they follow the covid norms given by the government.

Before you navigate this unchartered territory, consider these tips while moving to a new house during the pandemic and make your move smooth and safe.

1. Virtual house hunt to ensure social distancing

This is for people who are considering moving to a new place but don’t have a specific property in mind. If moving is extremely crucial, it is advisable to opt for a virtual realtor tour so that you are at a lesser risk of getting the virus. A virtual house hunt through a certified virtual assistant can be a great way to find something during an emergency when you have no other choice but to shift to a new address. Get the quote from them remotely, and then you can start the process of shifting.


2. Ensure safe packing with the help of a relocation company

Once you have decided on the property, make sure to pack all the items with high-quality packaging materials with the help of a relocation company. Even the packaging materials that you buy from an online or offline store must be disinfected and then used.

3. Be very careful while hiring relocation services remotely

To limit the spread of Covid-19, avoid in-person contact and hence, seek assistance from a certified virtual assistant while hiring a movers and packers company. A video chat will give them an idea of your belongings, and also, they can share a quote based on the virtual call. Ensure to have a tape measure handy, just in case the estimator needs you to measure an item for accuracy.

4. Follow all Covid-19 norms

Once you have hired packers and movers in Hyderabad, on the day of moving, make sure to check their temperatures before asking them to enter your home to pack and move the belongings. Provided them masks and sanitisers to be extra cautious. While they pack and load the items, practice social distancing and refrain from helping with the move, let them do everything independently.

moving to new home during pandemic

Also, you and other family members must keep sanitizing hands and keep wearing masks, greeting everyone with a smile and not with a handshake. Also, limit the restroom use to the minimum, in both old and new homes.

5. Give new home some time to disinfect before moving

Before you move to the new home, it is better to get it sanitized once. Once that is done, give it some time to disinfect. Instead of moving immediately, let it stay empty for some time, and after a few days, you can plan the move. This lessens the risk of you contracting the virus.

6. Leave no stones unturned to clean and sanitize new home

Once the items are unloaded and unpacked, the packers and movers do the sanitization to ensure safety once again. Also, before you enter the house, on a moving day, the most important thing is to sanitize the home. This will ensure that the home is free from the virus. Also, take a shower after the moving is done.

home relocation during covid19

There are certain Government guidelines or Covid-19 norms, and you must follow them even when relocating. This includes wearing masks and avoiding touching the face, limiting food sharing, regular hand washing, and disinfecting surfaces. These must be kept in mind, with social distancing followed all the time.

While hiring movers during the pandemic, make sure you only allow a certain amount of workers so that unnecessary over-crowding can be completely avoided. If after the move, any of you or the staff from the relocation company gets the Covid virus, make sure to inform the local authority at the earliest.

Thus, while you might plan your relocation from one to another home during this pandemic, if it is extremely necessary, you also need to keep health a priority. Follow the norms, Government guidelines and don’t plan the move on a lockdown day or even when there is an ongoing curfew in the city. Rest, stay safe, and enjoy a hassle-free move!

Salman Zafar

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