Benefits of Virtual Open House for Realtors

As the real estate market is becoming more competitive, it’s critical that you have a basic understanding of how to attract real estate buyers. Suppose you’re just starting your career as a realtor, and you’ve got no experience whatsoever. In that case, you must get as much education and training about new methods used in the real estate business. That’s something you should do even when you’re a seasoned agent. That way, you’ll be even better at what you do.

One of the things you will need to learn about is how to use new technologies to attract house buyers. With that being said, you must embrace the innovations and follow market trends dictated by customers and the emerging global situation. Virtual open houses are something you should think of if your goal is remaining competitive in the real estate market.


Below are few useful tips for real estate agents on making virtual tours:

1. Providing Full Details

One of the biggest advantages of virtual tours for realtors is that they can provide prospective buyers with many details about the properties available. These tours can take the form of video or audio-visual presentations where you ‘enter’ and do the walkthrough. All this content can be accompanied by descriptions, narration, and additional photos of the property if a buyer needs extra information. The point is in an interactive approach, which will give buyers a chance to ‘connect’ with a home they tour in virtual reality.

As explained here, virtual tours are an excellent way for the buyers to get a feel for the property’s quality without seeing it in person. It means you (as an agent) don’t have to be that persuasive and to spend time talking the same things to buyers over and over. They will see all the details and ask questions, if any.

Through virtual tours, prospective leads get a good idea of what type of home they are interested in and how much money it will cost them. When a seller shows a home for sale from different angles, it is much easier for the potential buyers to compare it with other real estates they saw. You don’t have to make this comparison for them.

2. Convenience

The property for sale must always be representative and ready for buyers who want to go through it. You must know that won’t be possible 24/7, especially if the seller still lives in the house and has a family (and pets). Buyers can often book a tour at an inconvenient moment when sellers don’t have time to tidy up and clean the house.

By offering virtual staging, you can be sure that customers will always see the house in the best possible light. You don’t have to ask the seller to do a thorough cleaning every time a potential buyer calls. In 3D edition, listed houses are always in top condition. You can use this interactive tour to highlight key features that could entice buyers to buy real estate.

3. No Wasting Time

Before the advent of amazing 3D walkthroughs, real estate buyers decided whether a house was worth a visit based on photos, shots, or even ad descriptions. They couldn’t get a realistic view of the house through these means because they can’t see everything they wanted. So they had to see for themselves.

Agents went out on the field after every lead show interest in listed real estate. Usually, these properties are located near the agency. But sometimes, these are remote locations that are not easy to reach. Agents couldn’t know the customer’s intentions nor their requirements until they meet in person. The situations when realtors came to the property and buyers said they were not interested before even entering the house was quite common.

With the use of virtual technologies, buyers get an interactive online experience of any house they want. Without unnecessary tours and wasting their and your time, they decide which property is worthy of their attention. It means that you won’t waste time on people who are not interested in the property you represent. Keep in mind that some of them come to the house you sell just to check the market.

Besides time, every open house tour requires certain costs. If it were futile, the money you spent on gas and car wear-and-tear would be wasted. With a 3D open house tour, your entire job is to upload an interactive video to your website or app or send a link to prospective buyers.

4. Boost Your Reputation

When you are new to any business, you need something innovative and authentic to attract the market’s attention. Still, even when you are in the real estate industry for a long time, you need to embrace new trends and implement them in your business. That’s the only way to stay sought-after and competitive.

Check the following source for more tips on becoming a successful real estate agent:

The decision to include virtual walkthroughs in your offer couldn’t be better. By following the technology growth, you will perceive the new demands of home buyers. These days, they want to use all convenience of online purchases and buy their homes this way. They don’t even have to use a computer. All they have to do is download an app to their smartphone that gives them an insight into the houses available for 3D touring.


When you make it easier for buyers to search in this way, you create space to attract new customers for the real estate you listed for sale. You will definitely gain their attention because virtual tours are still a novelty that not all real estate agencies offer. That imposes your agency as innovative and desirable for cooperation.

In the last few months, most human lives have shifted online. That’s how the idea of ‘visiting’ properties online appeared. With 3D VR technologies, buyers and agents don’t have to tour the listed houses on foot. Virtual walkthroughs became a thing and an excellent way for property buyers to find what they want in short time, and for realtors to improve and promote their business.

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