mistakes to avoid in virtual staging

Common Mistakes in Digital Staging and How to Avoid Them

People are increasingly searching online before doing or buying most things, including property. In fact, the real estate industry as a whole has been transformed by digital tools and apps, such as digital staging. Not only can sellers save thousands of dollars but they can also better represent their properties and get more online traffic so reaching a wider pool of potential buyers. After all, digital staging is about generating leads on selling your home more effectively. Check out this service to view an award-winning portfolio with its stunning virtually staged photos.

Common Mistakes in Digital Staging

Most real estate agents these days know about virtual staging and they might even have a preferred virtual staging company they like to work with. Even if they do, perhaps you want to understand the basics for yourself, as detailed below. You’ll therefore be more knowledgeable about selling your property and how to make digital staging work for you.

  • Not tailored to your potential buyer
  • Too many loud colors or using a statement design style
  • Not leveraging unique elements
  • Trying to hide the reality
  • Ineffective consultation with a real estate agent

1. Not Tailored to Your Potential Buyer

Selling property is just like working with any other buyer journey. Your real estate agent will therefore help you determine your ideal buyer’s demographics and preferences. That way you can make sure that your virtual staging matches their design style. Of course, that’s not to say that it should be so unique that you discount any potential buyers.


Either way, the more your virtual staging company knows who you’re targeting then the better they can advise you on design style so you get the best virtual staging outcome.

2. Too Many Loud Colors or Using a Statement Design Style

Some of the worst examples of staged photos are those where the design style is too loud and overly bold. Generally, it’s best to go with neutral colors when doing virtual home staging. Although, you don’t want to be too boring either. It can therefore be helpful to have a splash of color per photo. You can easily do this with a perfectly positioned rug in the middle of your floor, for example.

Clearly, any virtual furniture has to match the design style regardless of whether you’re going for traditional or modern. Although, you can keep some of the existent furniture or opt for a full furniture removal service. Either way, you’re transforming an empty room into something to help future buyers dream about their future life.

3. Not Leveraging Unique Elements

If your property has a great feature like an alcove or a beamed ceiling then you should absolutely expose it when virtually staging your home. They really add something different to your property. Leveraging your virtual staging solutions that way can also be ideal for generating curiosity. People will then only want to come and visit people and maybe even buy your property.

4. Trying to Hide the Reality

Let’s not forget that digital staging exists so you can promote your property in the best possible way. It’s not about using the virtual staging software to turn your home into something it’s not. If the staged photos feel too far from the real thing then people will immediately be put off when they visit in person.

You’ll actually find real estate listings often share the pre and post-staged photos so that people can see the difference. They’ll actually appreciate the interior design ideas and even any potential new floor plans to give them a sense of what’s do-able

No one minds that photos are virtually staged because it’s a tool to help them visualize the possibilities. For example, imagine viewing an attic that’s overcrowded with old things? Instead, picture a beautifully staged photo showing a spare bedroom? Suddenly, your potential buyers have a spare bedroom that they can imagine offering to their guests. All these thanks to your virtual staging services.

mistakes to avoid in virtual staging

5. Ineffective Consultation With Real Estate Agent

Staging a home in isolation from your real estate agents is fraught with potential errors. Your virtual staging company will have to make assumptions about where the staged photos will be posted and for what type of viewers.

On the flip side, the most successful staged photos are the ones created from a 3-way consultation. This means between your real estate agent, your virtual staging company, and, of course, yourself. After all, you also need to be aware of the overall strategy for selling your property. That way, you can make sure you’re happy with the approach per image.

6. Parting Words on Avoiding Digital Staging Mistakes

The first step for organizing staged photos is to talk to your real estate agent. Then, together you can agree on which virtual staging company you want to work with. Of course, you can also do it yourself and choose an online app to transform your property photos. Nevertheless, a virtual staging company will conduct an in-depth consultation with your real estate agent, as well as yourself. That way, they can create the best design-style photos to attract your potential buyers.

Bottom Line

Overall, thanks to the input of staging companies, you’ll be able to showcase your home in the best way such that you can optimize any unique features. Furthermore, your staged photos will be able to make your future buyers dream and imagine themselves in your home so that you can sell faster and better. After all, that’s the ultimate goal.

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