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Tips For Setting Up A Tuna Canning Company

Tuna is often considered a superfood because it is very high in protein and has a lot of vitamins and minerals. It also contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids. If you are thinking of setting up a great business, you should set up a tuna canning company. It is a very popular product, and you could stand to earn a lot in the long run. Before you do start setting up your tuna canning company, you should have a set strategy. Here are key tips for setting up a tuna canning company.

1. Get In Contact With Tuna Suppliers

If you are going to set up a tuna canning company, you should make sure that you have the best quality tuna possible. Remember, that even if your canning system is efficient, it still won’t help if your tuna is subpar. Before you invest in your tuna canning plant, you contact nearby fishing ports first. Tuna species are varied and some could grow up to the size of small cars, and could weigh thousands of pounds. They also inhabit specific areas and don’t thrive just anywhere.

It is better to purchase your tuna directly from fishing boats because they sell them at a much  cheaper price compared to the ones sold at markets. When you choose a tuna supplier, you should look for ones that are fair with their prices. They should also offer deliveries, because it would take too much time and effort if you have to go to the fishing ports, and pick up your order yourself.

2. Find  A Good Location For Your Canning Factory

Aside from getting in contact with tuna suppliers, it is very important that you choose a good location for your canning factory. Remember that like any other industrial setup, your operations will get really loud.

There is also the fact that you will be dealing with thousands of tons of fish products, so there will be a fishy odor emanating from your factory constantly. As a whole, it is very important that you situate your factory far away from communities. It is also a good idea to build your canning factory near fish ports so transporting the tuna will not be so difficult.

3. Establish A System

Once you have established a contact with tuna suppliers, now is the time to establish a system for running your company. If you don’t have a system, things might get chaotic in the long run.

setting up a tuna canning firm

First things first, you should make sure that you have an efficient production line. By having a production line, your workers will know what is expected of them. Before you set up your canning plant, you should draw up plans for your work floor. Make sure that all of the production lines and the machinery are strategically placed. This will ultimately ensure that there are no lags during your production. Remember that time is money when it comes to running a business.

4. Invest In Canning Equipment

Aside from having a set system for your canning business, it is very important that you invest in quality canning equipment. Of all the facets of running a canning company, the canning equipment is the most important.

The very first phase of the project is to process the tuna. They will be cut into chunks, cooked, then stored into preservatives such as salted water, olive oil, or tomato sauce. The sauces will help preserve the product, however, it is the canning system that will do most of the preservation work.

When you preserve your tuna, they should be stored in cans to prevent bacteria from contaminating them. If you are looking for top quality canning machines such an automatic can seamer, you should contact Levapac. It is a well-established company that specializes in creating some of the best canning machines in the world. With their top-quality canning machines, you’ll be assured that your tuna  is as well-preserved as possible.

5. Follow Proper Hygiene

As you start your tuna canning business, it is very important that you follow proper hygiene. Remember that your workers will be dealing with vast amounts of tuna fish. They are usually huge and once you cut them up into chunks or strips, there will be a lot of fish bones, organs, and extra skin.

setup a tuna canning company

If these wastes are not disposed of properly, you will create a health hazard that could get your entire factory closed down. As a whole it is important that you follow proper hygiene protocols throughout your factory.

6. Invest In Proper Storage

Yet another important aspect of running a canning company is to have proper storage. Remember that you will be moving tonnes of canned tuna , however, there will be times where they need to be stored until they could be delivered to the nearest buyer. Make sure to install walk- in freezers and warehouses to your factory site.

7. Take Your Marketing Very Seriously

Aside from the production, canning, and delivery, you should also take your marketing very seriously. No matter how good your product is, it still won’t reach any potential buyers if you don’t market it properly. It is important to invest in making your product’s packaging aesthetically pleasing.

Remember that your product will have to compete with other canned goods in the supermarkets, so their packaging should stand out and make an impact with potential buyers. Aside from making your products attractive, you should also advertise your products through multiple media such as social media. Overall, the more forms of media you use, the more effective your marketing will be.


If you want a great business idea, you should set up a tuna canning company. Tuna is often considered a superfood, and selling canned  tuna could be really profitable in the long run. Before you set up your tuna company you should have a set strategy. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up a very efficient tuna canning company.

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