Top 6 Marketing Tips to Improve Your Catering Business

It’s no secret that many businesses in the food industry are thriving. After all, delicious food and innovative recipes are always in high demand. But what makes a restaurant, food truck or a catering service stand out in a very competitive and crowded market?

Simply put, the answer is effective marketing. Without marketing in today’s world, you stand no chance of succeeding, let alone getting famous. Regardless of how well made your dishes are, it’s all in vain if no one ever heard of you. With that in mind, here are a few top marketing tips to improve your catering business.

1. A business plan and a competitive analysis

Creating a business plan is crucial for developing and growing your business further. It’s basically a document outlining your business’ future and how to plan for it. One of the most important elements of a business plan is a marketing plan.

Both plans require extensive research of the market, including competitor analysis. You must determine who your competitors are, what they do and how do they drive success, especially when it comes to marketing, in order to find the market gaps that will allow you to outrun them and gain a competitive advantage.

2. Leverage digital marketing

Everything is online nowadays, which is why you must leverage digital marketing to its fullest potential. The possibilities are limitless and it’s up to you to create the perfect marketing campaign. As an example, you can create a personal brand to help elevate your catering business.

Hashtags are the heart of digital marketing

Also, social media presence is vital for catering businesses, especially building a presence on Instagram. People want to see your food before they decide to taste it. Moreover, you can collaborate with bloggers and influencers to help you spread the word faster, as well as help you get the necessary visibility, credibility and exposure in the online world.

3. Define the marketplace

As mentioned before, any type of food service is, indeed, in high demand. However, that doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed. To achieve success you must focus on research and define your marketplace. That usually means deciding on a niche.

marketing tips catering business

Some of the most innovative catering companies already belong to a specific niche, but you can make your business even more unique. As an example, try to figure out where your catering service will be most effective by defining your target audience and determining their needs, demands and expectations.

Therefore, further define your range of services, such as vegan options, special nutrition food and so on. Furthermore, also focus on defining your scope of services, such as serving birthday parties, weddings, gala events, charities etc.

4. Develop a unique selling proposition

A unique selling proposition (USP) is vital for business success. This is especially true if you decide to develop a brand. Offering something unique is what your customers expect and it will help your business differentiate itself from other businesses and other brands as well.

What’s more, a USP must be something no other competitor has. For instance, your USP can be a unique menu, signature dishes, check presenters, on-site professional chef performance and so on. The important thing is that it’s unique to your business and valuable to your customers. Some of the most creative catering companies from New York create custom and innovative menus and tailor them specifically to events and niches they are working on.

As an example, try to figure out where your catering service will be most effective and match the style with particular types of events – that way, your potential customers will know what to expect when they hire you.

5. Create an awesome website

Websites are essential today, especially since every business needs an online presence. Every marketing tactic you develop will eventually lead to your website, which means that your site needs to be well-developed and highly functional.

That includes important elements, such as mobile friendliness, responsive design, fast-loading pages, professional photos, high-quality content, etc.

Aside from all that, you should strongly consider integrating an eCommerce platform on your website. It will allow you to take orders online and have better quality customer service and support, among other things.

6. Collaborate with complementary businesses

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard stories about how difficult it’s to succeed on your own. The fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t do everything on your own. Partnering up with complementary businesses can work out well for all parties so don’t hesitate to try it out.

For example, if your cater weddings you can also team up with a florist and a professional photography business. That way, customers benefit from a unique offer while you and your partner get to share marketing tactics and resources where everyone wins in the end.


Starting a catering business can be a challenge, just like with any other business endeavor. However, if anything can level the field and give you a strong fighting chance, it’s effective marketing. That’s why it’s important to create awesome marketing strategies and use them well whenever you can.

Salman Zafar

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