importance of check presenter

The Importance of Check Presenters for Your Restaurant

Quality plays a role in how a diner perceives a restaurant. The quality of food is important, but so is the atmosphere. For example, an elegant restaurant will rarely have plastic chairs for guests. One thing a restaurant may overlook when purchasing items for the guest experience is the check presenter. The right check presenter shows the restaurant is professional and respectful to the guests. What should a restaurant owner look for when purchasing this essential item?

Why Use a Check Presenter?

A restaurant owner may question whether they need to invest in check presenters for your restaurant. Guests prefer to have the check delivered in this manner for several reasons. They don’t wish to share the amount of the bill with others. In addition, they want their information to remain secure. They would prefer to have their credit card hidden from others.

Why Use a Check Presenter

The check presenter helps to reduce the risk of the wrong card being charged for a bill. Guests trust the restaurant more when this item is used. Restaurants find they can use the presenter to deliver a comment card or feedback form to customers, as well, so they are more likely to leave a review of the establishment.

Choosing a Check Presenter

A restaurant should never assume any check presenter is better than none. Imagine a server walking up with a cardboard presenter and it is easy to see why the appearance of the presenter is important. Restaurants find they have many options to choose from when they make this purchase.

For example, many restaurants choose black check presenters. However, they should consider investing in presenters in a color that matches the decor of the establishment. They may want these items to coordinate with the tablecloths, the menu, or another item used by the customer during the dining experience. Consistency is key to the restaurant’s brand image, so never assume black is the best choice. Research all options when making this purchase.

The material of the check presenter also plays a role in how guests perceive the restaurant. Many material options exist today, including metal, genuine leather, and tempered glass. Many businesses want eco-friendly options, so manufacturers now offer these presenters. A casual restaurant may purchase vinyl check presenters, but an elegant restaurant will want a more upscale option, as this is what guests will expect. They are paying for the overall experience, and the check presenter plays a role in this experience.

Finally, consider the style of the check presenter. Some restaurants opt for a menu or binder style. However, don’t overlook the clipboard option. There are even styles today that look like a wallet, which ensures nobody can see what is contained in the presenter. However, any check presenter used helps to build trust in the restaurant.

importance of check presenter


Additional Industries That Benefit From Check Presenters

Restaurants aren’t the only ones who benefit from the use of check presenters. Hotels, resorts etc. should consider investing in these items to share checks with guests. They won’t want other people to know how much they have spent and the presenter ensures this information is not shared. The same holds for companies in sales and consulting. They can share information with customers without others knowing what they have discussed or how much they are talking about spending with the company or consultant. Any payment information shared in one of these establishments remains hidden along with the bill total.

Guests should have a positive first impression of the restaurant. However, as the check is the last thing the server delivers, it also needs to be shared with the guest in a professional and respectful way. A check presenter ensures it is. Invest in these items today to improve your brand image and the guest experience.

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