Tips to Shop for Hotel Bell Carts

How to Shop for Hotel Bell Carts

Imagine visiting a hotel and being forced to carry everything into the room by hand. In the past, this is what a person did. However, Sylvan Goldman ensured this was not something hotel visitors had to do. After inventing the grocery cart, Goldman recognized the need for other devices that would carry multiple items simultaneously. This eventually led to the creation of the hotel bell cart. Today, these helpful devices are found in travel accommodations across the globe. What should a facility look for when buying a device of this type?

Material Options

When shopping for hotel bell carts, consider different materials. Many carts are made using chrome or steel. However, facilities will find they may also choose carts made using stainless steel or titanium. Knowing the properties of each material will help hotel owners determining which product to buy.

For example, steel is slightly stiffer and stronger than stainless steel, but stainless steel resists rust. This may lead to a company choosing stainless steel if the bell cart will be used in a coastal area. Talk with the bell cart provider to learn the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

Deck Size

Hotel bell carts come in a variety of deck sizes. The facility will need to take many factors into consideration when determining which deck size will best meet the needs of guests. While most carts come in similar sizes, an inch or two can make a difference when it comes time to store the carts.

Furthermore, a difference of an inch or two in deck size could mean the difference between a guest making one trip to bring items in or two trips. This impacts guest satisfaction, so it should never be overlooked when choosing a bell cart.

Weight Capacity

A compact luggage carrier may only carry 100 pounds. In contrast, a full-size bell cart may carry 1,200 pounds or more. Most traditional carts carry 1,200 pounds, but a facility might find they benefit from investing in the compact luggage carrier. They may also choose to have a utility cart that carries 300 pounds. Again, guests like having options when they travel. They want to find a cart that means they don’t have to make multiple trips, but they also don’t want a cart that is much bigger than they truly need.

tips to Shop for Hotel Bell Carts

Style Options

Most facilities invest in traditional bellman carts. However, as previously mentioned, a utility cart or compact luggage carrier may be a good option. When choosing this cart, many facilities opt to purchase one that coordinates with the hotel decor. For example, if the carpets in the hotel are black with red accents, they may choose a cart with red carpeting. This allows the cart to blend in with the overall decor. While the carts are a necessity, they shouldn’t detract from the overall appearance of the facility. Thanks to the options offered today, finding carts has never been easier.

Price Range

Every facility operates to make a profit. Hotel bell carts come at a variety of price points. This allows each facility to find a cart that fits their budget while meeting their other needs. An inexpensive utility cart runs a few hundred dollars, while a traditional bell cart made from titanium may cost over a thousand dollars. Never base the decision on which cart to buy on price alone, but this factor should be considered as part of the overall decision-making process.

Consider all options when purchasing hotel bell carts. Although these items appear the same in many ways, there are differences. By considering all that is available, every facility will find the right carts for their guests’ needs.

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