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How to Use IGTV Videos in Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

IGTV videos is one of the useful features of Instagram. If only you can use it properly, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategy. In spite of being new comparatively, this feature is already creating waves in the social media world, especially among the businesses that want to leverage Instagram marketing with their social media marketing campaigns.

This is the standalone video the platform of Instagram that provides the businesses with a video marketing channel that will help them to their fan following as well as showcase their products in the best possible way. This is a feature that will enable you to show your creative skill, beyond limits.

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The most unique thing about IGTV that makes it great is that you do not need to have super polished and high-class videos to publish on Instagram Television, commonly known as IGTV. Just think it to one step up from the Instagram Stories feature that you are so accustomed to with the only difference that it does not need to as curated and perfect as the Instagram posts or videos are. Read on to know how to use IGTV videos in your Instagram marketing strategy:

Recording videos for IGTV

IGTV is the new Instagram video service and it’s a huge game changer for marketers. It gives you the opportunity to reach your audience in a way that was never possible before. But with this new opportunity also comes challenges that need to be addressed before you can start recording videos.

The first thing you need to do is find the right software for your needs. There are many different tools available on the market, and they all have their pros and cons, so it’s important to understand what you need before choosing which one is best for you.

The tools you’ll need will range from pre-production to post-production. Teleprompter apps, like Maekersuite, allow you to create scripts and record yourself; Companies like Veed provide great video editing services and their are tools that provide everything in between.

The second step is finding a good camera. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you use as long as it has decent quality, but if possible, try to get a camera with an external microphone because then it will be much easier for people who listen to your videos without sound on their phone or computer to hear what you say.

To upload IGTV videos

If you want to upload your video to IGTV, first you will need to make an IGTV channel. It is not at all difficult to do so because Instagram itself has made such creation super simple and easy.

  • First, you will have to sign into the IGTV app
  • Next, you will have to tap on the gear icon that you will see at the top right corner
  • Tap on Create Channel.

Once the channel is live, you will be able to upload your first video to IGTV and for that, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Open your channel from the main page by clicking on your avatar
  • Next, tap the “+” icon at the right of your screen
  • Add the new video to IGTV by selecting a horizontal or vertical video from your camera roll.

To keep up with the specs of IGTV, you are recommended that you maintain the following aspect ratio of IGTV videos for better results:

  • For vertical IGTV videos, the aspect ratio should be a maximum of 9:16 and a minimum of 4:5 and
  • For horizontal videos, the maximum should be 16:9 and the minimum ratio should be 5:4.

In any case, if the aspect ratio is wrong then your video will not show up on IGTV.

Now for some additional aspect to look into that will make your videos look stunning just as you will find in sites like others. These include:

  • Writing your title and adding a description just like you would do on YouTube. Add in a few relevant keywords to the description as that will make it far easier for the viewers to look for your videos on IGTV.
  • Add a link as well to your description so that people can click on those links to go outside from the IGTV app.
  • Lastly, add a cover photo either by uploading your custom cover or by picking up a thumbnail of your choice from your video. This cover photo will show up on the IGTV channel page as well as in the categories. You are recommended to make it catchy and make it on an aspect ratio of 1:1.55 or 420px by 654px.

You are now ready with your vertical Instagram video to upload on IGTV and even share it too to your Instagram Stories. You can do this by:

  • Clicking on the airplane icon that you will find at the bottom of the video and
  • Selecting the “Add video to your story” button.

Once done, the viewers will be able to see the preview of your IGTV video now as a story.

Things to share

There is no limit or restrictions to what you can share on IGTV, just as the Instagram Stories. Businesses can use it to share things like:

  • How-to videos
  • Tutorials on how to use the product
  • Promotional contents for their products
  • Share company news and culture and so much more.

The primary goal of IGTV is to be more like YouTube rather than Netflix and it is for this specific reason that you will find such a huge number of influencers and bloggers use this channel to showcase their skill and creativity.

As for a business you will need to think from your business perspective as well as that of the followers in terms of the values that the videos will provide to them. That means you will need to find the answers to two specific questions such as:

  • How exactly can you create value for your followers?
  • How can you create value for your brand?

If you are well accustomed to Instagram Stories will not be very difficult for you to make a transition to IGTV. For an easier start you can use IGTV views boosting services from BuySocialMediaMarketing. Just think of it as an extension of the Instagram Stories! You will simply have to follow the same arc as your Instagram stories in terms of the tone, voice, and style of the content you want to share on your stories.

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However, just remember that IGTV videos can relay be of a very long form. Therefore, it is essential that you give a lot of time to prepare, shoot, and edit the videos before you post them on IGTV.


When you edit vertical videos, it can be really hard if you are a first-timer. The hardest this is the aspect ratio. This is because any video which is not shot on a Smartphone which usually records on a 9:16 aspect ratio if shot vertically will need to be edited or cropped during post-production to get it right for IGTV. The good news is that you can do this without needing any expensive software. If you want no such hassles to stick to horizontal videos as IGTV now supports horizontal videos.

Last but not least, keep an eye on the IGTV Analytics to know how different audiences respond to your videos, especially for that long content.

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