Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

The Key Benefits Video Marketing Has To Offer Your Business

A company requires so many things to thrive, from visionary leadership and a compelling product or service to outstanding service and so much more. However, in today’s chaotic marketing landscape, what most brands really need is a strategic story.

And there’s hardly a more powerful storytelling medium out there than video. A strategic story makes for a far better marketing plan simply because it can elicit emotion, which enables your audience to connect with you.

And when a connection is made, emotions can influence buyer decisions, whether by playing on nostalgia, shedding light on humanitarian issues, or highlighting trending movements that people feel passionate about. There are also several ways to find your strategic story; knowing yourself and understanding your audience are key components in finding your story.

That said, if you’re wondering if it will be worth it to implement video content into your marketing strategy, we’ve listed the key benefits video has to offer your brand.

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Boost Revenue

Research shows that companies who use video content are growing up to 49% faster per year than those who aren’t. Therefore, video can grow revenue to all new heights for your business this year.

What’s more, Zipinmedia South Florida Video Production can manage your video content for you is an affordable and practical solution to simplify the new component of your marketing strategy.

Influence Buyer Decisions

The main goal of any marketing tactic is to use strategic planning and analytical data to predict and influence buyer decisions. And video content can do this for your business.

Up to 90% of customers confirm that product and service videos assist with buying decisions. Furthermore, over 60% of customers state that watching product videos makes them substantially more likely to purchase the product.

This is likely because video content is more capable of engaging customers and that videos can also help customers better understand products and services.

Rank Higher In Search Results

Whether you decide to create an Instagram channel for your business and implement an Instagram video marketing strategy or opt for a YouTube channel or any other, video content can boost your rankings in search results.

However, to effectively boost ranking, you should also use SEO in your video content. You can do this by creating attention-grabbing titles, transparent and catchy video descriptions, and weaving keywords into the text to ensure the search engine favors your video as a relevant result.

Increase Traffic

Increasing traffic is a benefit that will come along with boosted search rankings; when you rank higher, your audience will expand as your content will become easier to find. Therefore, traffic numbers will increase substantially.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Businesses

SEO has been a tried and tested tactic for quite some time. While some assumed that SEO was no longer relevant, it is still very much alive and widely used as a practical approach to improving website performance through optimizing traffic.

Optimize Email Campaign Results

Simply adding the word video into your email subject lines will increase open email rates by roughly 20%, while it will also boost click-through rates by 65% and reduce your number of unsubscribers by just over 25%. These are all beneficial statistics for any business.

Furthermore, adding video to email campaigns will enhance click rates by a staggering total average of 300%, according to research.

That said, you can also consider automating email marketing processes to simplify the task. Automation helps to free up time, allowing you and your team to focus their attention on other pressing priorities. And because implementing automation is pretty straightforward, there’s no reason not to.

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Maximize Conversions

Other research shows that including video content on your business landing pages will increase your conversion rates by as much as 85%. At the same time, video viewers have significantly higher click-through rates and conversion rates.

Video marketing is quickly proving its overall importance as a staple component of every effective digital marketing strategy. And because adding video content to your marketing plan won’t break the bank, you should consider video production services as the most effective way to access industry experts without having to throw your company off budget after employing a team of experts.

However, while video marketing does have several benefits to offer, you should always use other tactics within your strategy, as video alone can only do so much for your brand awareness campaigns. So, be sure also to consider content marketing, search engine ads, social media marketing, and several others when crafting your marketing strategy.

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