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10 Tips to Be Successful at Trade Shows

Preparing for a trade show can be scary, overwhelming, and frustrating, especially for those in the start-up stage. If you’re decided to join this year’s show, then the initial thing to do is to lookup for the specifics of the exhibition you plan to enter. Contact the organizers to get the necessary details, such as demographics, event timeline, and area layout, where you’ll have to display your business.


Once the event specifics have been settled, then you can move forward to deciding who and what to bring. We made a list of ideas that can help you get ready for your upcoming exhibition.

1. Promote Your Event Online

Promote your trade show on different social media platforms to make your customers aware of the upcoming event. You can directly email your clients, both old and new, and announce what’s in store for them if they stop by on the said exhibition. Create enticing email content that’ll drive them to be curious. Doing this type of online marketing can augment the number of visitors that’ll attend your booth stall.

2. Choose Professional Staff

It’s impossible to do a one-man show in a trade show event. This is why you’ll need professional staff to help you run a whole day exhibit, even if you’re only attending a small show. Get someone who has:

  • pleasing personality
  • good product knowledge
  • excellent people skills and
  • sales skills

Remember, choosing the right staff can help you promote your business and brand better.

3. Create a Big Logo of Your Brand

Your company logo items should effectively represent your brand and immediately differentiate you from the competition because it is one of the primary identifying factors that your audience will use when they think about your business.

If your budget is minimal, and there’s an available wall space in your stall, then it’s time to showcase your creativity. Use your desktop publishing software to make a huge brand name and logo. Together with a cardboard or foam core, you can fashion a striking logo and brand name without spending much. Place it on the vacant wall space, where any passersby can quickly notice.

4. Booth Color Scheme

A compelling booth display will surely gain foot traffic. Choose a good color scheme coordination that will suit well to your brand logo. You can use the red and green color scheme, orange to blue, or violet to yellow. Moreover, you can include eye-catching trade show tables and displays that’ll complement the total image and color scheme used for your stall.

5. Have a Presentation Board

Having a stand-alone presentation board will add spice to your booth space. Through this, you can present what your business is all about and what you’ve achieved as a brand. At the same time, you can present the benefits of using your products or services. Be inventive in your presentation.

tips for successful tradeshow

6. Use Video or Slide Show to Get Attention

Create a slideshow or video presentation that you can play on your display board or monitors. This kind of booth display is actually appealing and can spark the interest of your attendees. You can borrow or rent this type of presentation equipment if you don’t own one. Check out reliable trade show specialists, such as They provide rental services for booth stalls and booth displays.

7. Welcome Your Visitors

Greeting your visitors with a smile is important. By simply saying “Hi!” to passersby can engage them to come by for a chat. You can strike up a simple conversation. Just be sure to prepare a short introductory speech.

8. Organize Fun Games and Activities

Organizing tons of games and activities to your booth can yield a positive impact on your brand because it’ll:

9. Provide Giveaways and Prizes

Of course, don’t forget to provide the reward after a fun-filled engagement with your attendees. Make sure to prepare plenty of giveaways and swag bags that have your company name and logo on them. This can be in the form of your brand’s merchandise items, product trial sets, gift certificates, service vouchers, or food goodies. You can also slide in some business cards and brochures for additional promotions.

10. Make a Follow-up

Making a follow-up message, call, or email after the trade show is essential. Why? Because this stage will fully determine the success of your investment. So make a list of your quality leads, decide how soon you’re going to reach out, and how it will be done.

Take Away

Just being a part of a trade show event, whether big or small, is already an excellent opportunity for your business. Here, you can meet new prospects, create brand awareness, strengthen relationships with existing customers, and get qualified leads. Remember, your trade show success is a reflection of how well you plan, prepare, and perform.

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