How to Make a Good Business Card: A Step-By-Step Guide

Statistics show that sales grow by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. It may bother you when you have to deal with the task of giving them out. Some people take them only to throw them away. This tells you a lot about your card. For one, it could be that the card was not appealing enough to the person you gave it too. Or two, the information on the card was not helpful to that person. How then can you change the narrative? Below are easy steps on how to make a good business card.

good business card

1. Choose Where You Want your Cards Made

How to make a good business card depends on the place you want it to be made. You can decide to do is yourself yet this is not recommended. You want your card to look stand out and this will only be possible if you have the right tools for the job.

You will need a good quality printer.

The most recommended way is ordering from an online printer. The reason behind this is because online printers are easy to you. Furthermore, you get a professional finish which is good for business.

2. Choose Your Paper Finish, Stock, and Size/Shape

This step depends on the impression you want to create. Do you want it to look simple or flamboyant? Let’s take the example of the glossy vs. matte finish business cards.

As the name suggests, the glossy finish brings out a flashy outward appearance. Experts recommend this finish especially when your card has a lot of color. The gloss helps the color to be conspicuous.

The matte finish gives you a dull coating and the end product is not shiny. The cover provides an easy surface to write on as opposed to the glossy finish. The drawback of the matte finish is that people will hardly remember you after writing in your card.

3. Decide What Information You Want on the Card

Do not include every little detail about you in the card because some things would be irrelevant. Be sure to add only the needed information like your name, your address, the name of your business and your job title. Besides, you can also include your email address.

You can make your own business card and on it you can include your logo and your picture.

4. Design Your Card

The cheapest way to achieve this is by using a ready-made template. Business card templates from Adobe Spark help you design your own business card in a matter of minutes. There are premade designs on the site that you can use.

Or, you can make the design yourself by exploring your imagination your imagination.

5. How to Make a Good Business Card

Business cards are essential for growth of business. How to make a good business card is dependent on how fast you want your business to grow. You have to decide where you want your cards made.

In addition, you should choose the finish you want. The matte finish is recommended because it makes the colors pop. Lastly, you should be very specific about the information you want on the card because it will determine whether the person will keep it or trash it.

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