Different Solar Street Light Configurations

Different Solar Light Configurations

Lights consume a lot of energy, which add up to our electricity bill. Because of this a lot of us are trying to find better alternatives that can help lessen the bills and also be eco-friendly at that. Solar Lights are great options if you want to save power, and this article will help you identify different types and configurations that best suit you.

Solar lights get their power source from sunlight that is why they don’t require electricity which is an eco-friendly alternative. Solar lights are also safe around children and pets because they do not come with wires. These types of lights are convenient as well because they automatically illuminate when nighttime is approaching.

There are various solar light configurations and types available, which can make it hard for you to choose from. There are solar lights available for your garden, and there are even available solar street lights. If you want to invest in good-quality solar street lights, visit  Heisolar solar lighting.

benefits of solar street lights

Different Solar Light Configurations

Before installing solar lights or any source of solar power for that matter, you have first to consider the configuration. This article will walk you through different configurations you can do that best fit your needs.

1. Stand-alone

Stand-alone installation is one of the most popular. It provides power, even to locations that do not have an available power source. Stand-alone installations have small systems that generate power under one kilowatt. This type of installation is ideal to start your solar-powered lifestyle.

2. Stand-alone with grid power charge

The stand-alone grid power charge is ideal when there is not enough power in the user’s home. This type of stand-alone installation is automatically charged with the use of grid AC power.

3. Grid-tie systems

  • Grid-tie that feed all the solar-powered electricity to the grid
    • The system will transmit the electricity produced into the grid. This configuration requires you to buy electricity from your electricity company.
  • Grid-tie that only feed surplus solar-powered electricity to the grid
    • During the day, your home runs on solar power, and at night, power is bought from electricity companies.

Both grid-tie configurations allow you to reduce the usage of normal electrical power. The only downside is that solar power gets affected when there is a power outage.

4. Grid interactive system

This type of Grid-tie has a bank of batteries. It’s still similar to the other two grid-tie systems, but one difference is that the grid-interactive system has batteries that provide power in case of a power outage.

benefits of solar street lights

Types of Solar Lights

Aside from illuminating space when night time comes, solar lights can also serve as decorative items in your garden, porch, or wherever you want to place them. Here are different types of solar lights that you can choose from to level up your outdoor decoration game.

1. Path lights

Path lights are small solar lights that are usually placed on the ground. Path lights are ideally placed in areas where they can get sunlight to provide enough light to illuminate the path to your house at night. It is better to buy a lot of path lights for you to line them up along the path.

2. Rock

Rock solar lights are hidden inside of rocks. This can allow you to preserve the beauty and theme of your landscape. Rock solar lights still serve their purpose of illuminating the surroundings without compromising your yard’s exterior.

3. Step solar lights

Step solar lights are either placed on the ground and have the light shine upward, or it is bent 90 degrees making it possible to attach it on the steps.

4. Wall

Wall solar lights give off a traditional vibe to your exterior design. As the name suggests, these solar lights are installed on the walls; just make sure to install them where the sun can reach them.

5. Flood

Floodlighting needs to be installed permanently. This includes a visible solar panel. Floodlighting is convenient, especially when it comes to emergencies. Make sure to have a big solar panel to have it function for a more extended amount of time.

6. Deck solar lights

It can be tricky navigating your way through the deck, especially when it’s dark. Buying deck lights can help ensure safety when you are on the deck to avoid falling or injuring yourself. Deck lights are often installed along the edge of the deck.

7. Bollard solar lights

Bollard solar lights are the types that are mounted on the ground. Bollard solar lights are an elegant touch to your path or outdoor exterior with their concrete-based body. There are also bollard solar lights that have metal designs.

8. Mason jar solar lights

Mason jars filled with LED fairy lights have a reputation for being aesthetically pleasing. There are also solar lights that are built in the covers of mason jars if you opt for that fairy-tale-like vibe to your porch or outdoor exterior. You can also hang them on trees and use them as decorative elements, aside from their function of providing light.

9. Portable Solar lights

Portable solar lights come in handy when traveling or when going camping. These solar lights are easy to carry and store.

Different Solar Street Light Configurations

Remember, solar lights need rechargeable batteries. You might be thinking, “Why would a solar-powered light need rechargeable batteries when it gets power from sunlight?” The solar lights panel is responsible for converting the sunlight into power which charges the batteries, and these batteries turn the light on. The batteries also store energy when not in use.


The sun emits power every day. Why, not make the most of it? Start your eco-friendly lifestyle by using solar-powered lights instead of electricity-powered lights. Solar lights do not only cut your electricity bill but provide you with a safer and more convenient way of bringing light to your home.

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