How to Setup Your Business Booth at an Expo

Most of us have been to expos in the past and been bombarded with booth after booth of information advertising a wide range of products and services. But have you ever noticed there are a small number of tables and/or booths that get the most attention? What are these folks doing to make themselves stand out from the dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of other exhibitors at the event?

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Well, believe it or not, there are many things you can do with your booth that will actually make people more inclined to stop by. You just need to be able and willing to invest some time, money and creativity into your booth.

Let’s discuss a few business booth setup ideas right now:

1. Make Your Booth Unique

Trade shows and expos are large investments, both in terms of time and money. If you’re going to spend the money on a unique booth that will stand out (and you certainly should), then why not make it one you can use for multiple events? You’ll also want to consider designing your booth in a way that it can be increased or decreased in size for future opportunities.

2. Safety

Most booths have a step up or platform that is raised off the ground, you need to ensure a “watch your step” kind of sign is displayed or at the least have your salesperson warn them before bringing them up to talk or demo a product. Ensure all cables are taped down.

Last thing you want is someone breaking a leg at a major event. Most all convention centers or exhibitions won’t allow duct tape due to the amount of residue it leaves behind. Find yourself something called gaffer tape, choose the right color and size and you’ll be set because it leaves no residue and is the only type of tape allowed most of the time.

3. Giveaways, Giveaways, Giveaways!

Now, this doesn’t just mean throwing out some cheap pens and tootsie rolls, but rather in coming up with gift hampers that stand out from the crowd. That being said, you can certainly have some inexpensive items that anyone can pick up and take home.

But for larger items that you might want to give as gifts or prizes, you’re going to want those to make an impact. Incorporate a game and make the prizes something really worth winning, as this will create a level of excitement around your booth. Just be sure to gather contact information for future marketing efforts.

4. Host A Game and Give Away Prizes

We touched on this briefly in the previous point, but take some time and develop a really interesting game that people will remember. You want it to be fun and attract a lot of positive attention, ideally with your product or service in the forefront. If your game is engaging and exciting, word will spread throughout the establishment and more people will begin stopping by.

5. Demo Your Product or Service

If people are showing up at this type of event, chances are pretty good that they’re going to be interested in what you’re selling. Think of this as a chance to show them why they need your product or service. Focus on the value your product or service can offer to the audience, not necessarily the features. Questions about those can be answered later in a one-on-one session.

6. Use Technology

You may want to consider using digital signage, Perspex sheets, interactive touch screens or any other means of modern technology when making an appearance at a trade show or expo. Mandoe offers great deal in their digital signage solutions. These are certain attention grabbers and can be used for a number of difference purposes, like showcasing customer testimonials, educating consumers and many more.

7. Stay Active on Social Media

Now this is a big one for the 21st century. Update your social media accounts early and often while at the event, further enticing more people to stop by while also educating people at home about your product or service. So tweet your heart out, post like crazy on Facebook and throw some photos on Instagram. You never know who might be watching.

Salman Zafar

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